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TikTok Ads

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world , with more than 1 billion monthly active users, about 200 million video views daily , over 40 billion videos. Your business just needs to use the potential of this social network to grow your business’s sales!

How we are working

  • Kickoff meeting and filling in the Brief

    Kickoff meeting with a potential customer. Filling in the Brief.
  • Development of an advertising strategy

    Analysis of the completed brief. Development of an advertising strategy and commercial proposal. Coordination of terms, edits and cost of work.
  • Conclusion of a contract and payment

    Fixing all the nuances of work in the contract. Signing a contract and invoicing for services.
  • Management of your TikTok Ads account

    Setting up and management your TikTok advertising account.
  • Progress report

    Providing a report on the work done and the time spent on it. Monthly.
  • The discussion of the month results

    The discussion of the month results and future plans.


The bigger the advertising budget, the lower % for management.

Only management monthly payment, no setup fees, no hidden payments, pay for 100% working advertising.

What is Your Monthly Ad Spend?
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Your Pricing:
$499 USD/month + Ad Budget
What’s included:
Set up + Management Ad accounts
Advanced reporting
Google Analytics + GTM
Goals and audiences setting
Call and conversion tracking set up
Remarketing/display ads
Full Pricing Chart:
Ad budget per month: Management Fee:
$ 0 - 9 999 USD 499 USD Flat Fee + 14% of Ad Budget
$ 10 000 - 29 999 USD 499 USD Flat Fee + 12% of Ad Budget
$ 30 000 - 99 999 USD 499 USD Flat Fee + 10% of Ad Budget
$ 100 000 - 299 999 USD 499 USD Flat Fee + 8% of Ad Budget
$ 300 000 USD and more 499 USD Flat Fee + % of Ad Budget Individually
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After 3 months of work we can add KPI. May be discussed individually.
  • 1.5+
    Millions USD annual budget of our clients
  • 500+
    Successful projects
  • 8+
    Years of experience

Your benefits

  • Free Set Up

    100% Free Setup

    No minimum ad budget + 100% free setup of advertising accounts. We do this because we are professionals, confident in the quality of the services provided and look for long-term and effective cooperation for both sides.
  • 100% Free PPC Estimate

    Leave a request today and get a 100% free PPC estimate, especially for your business.
  • We save your Budget

    We don’t "play" with your advertising budget, because we don’t get % from any advertising systems. No Minimum Ad Spends and our clients enjoy the benefits of working with the same account manager all the time. Only win-win cooperation.
  • Performance Report

    A free, understandable and accessible online report on the results of advertising campaigns in Google DataStudio. We also provide a detailed monthly report on the work completed.
  • Always in Touch

    Clients enjoy the benefits of working with the same account manager all the time. We do not postpone tasks and always try to respond to questions that arise with lightning speed. ASAP means ASAP!
  • "No" to your Competitors

    We do not work with your direct competitors. Good manners for business have not been cancelled.
  • Full Certification

    All our specialists are fully certified in all areas of PPC advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.)
  • We build a Strategy

    We do not just set up advertising, but we build a sales funnel, a strategy for increasing customers with the help of audience targeting, promotions and technologies for returning potential "hot" customers back to you.
  • End-to-End Analytics

    We use end-to-end analytics. We focus on Leads / Conversions, their quantity, price and quality, and not on indirect performance indicators: CTR, traffic amount, and cost per click.
  • Transparent Working

    We give you view access to advertising accounts. 24\7 you can control all your data.
  • UX/UI Recommendations

    We give recommendations for increasing the conversion of your website (UX/UI). What edits need to be made, what services are better to use and what exactly can improve the effectiveness of our advertising.
  • No Hidden Payments

    Only management monthly payment, no setup fees, no hidden payments, pay for 100% working ads only.
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Why you can trust us

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You wouldn’t go to a doctor who has no diploma or experience?
Why should amateurs accompany your business?

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TikTok Ads

Today TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users with about 138 million in the United States. The application is also available in more than 150 countries, which makes it ideal for reaching a larger audience. And TikTok is especially effective at advertising to relatively younger audiences.

TikTok Ads

At Web-Sci, our team of digital marketing specialists knows how to set up, customize, and update advertising on TikTok. We start by making an advertising strategy that best fits a specific group, product, or business. Additionally, we work to continuously update and optimize advertising depending on the specific needs of our clients. As the work continues, we continuously tweak and update strategies expanding what works, leaving behind what doesn’t, and going after new leads.

The end goal is to get the most out of your investment in TikTok Ads management. For that, our team has the experience and the expertise to get the most out of any advertising and bring in interested audiences.


  • How much does it cost to set up TikTok Ads campaigns?

    Set up is always free. You will pay only for management. Management of TikTok advertising is calculated individually for each business because each business is unique in itself. Customization costs are calculated based on flat fee + % of ads budget.

    You can find more details at the link.

  • How to order TikTok Ads management?

    You need to leave a request on the website, send email or contact us through the Whatsapp or FB Messenger.

  • How much money can I make ordering advertising services from you? Do you guarantee profit?

    This is a very good question. We really hope that both you and we will make a lot of money working together, but unfortunately, we cannot know for sure.

    Factors that influence the sale can be divided into 4:

    • The first 33% are our advertising (the only thing we are ready to give a guarantee for and this is our area of ​​responsibility).
    • The second 33% is your website, account, video or mobile application and what kind of conversion it all has (we cannot vouch for this, but we can tell you what edits to make to increase the conversion rate).
    • The third 33% is what product or service you offer, its price and your sales skills (this is not our area of ​​responsibility at all).
    • The remaining 1% is unforeseen circumstances that no one can influence, such as COVID-19, emergencies or economic downturns.

    As you already understood, what we can be sure of is the first 33%, and we can also help a little with the second factor. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your conversions or sales, but we are confident that if you choose us, we will do our best to ensure that your business is successful with a lot of leads or conversions! We are always extremely honest with our clients!

  • How many leads can you bring for my business on my budget?

    If you already have an ad account, we can analyze it and draw conclusions about the current statistics and growth points. The forecast is based on your advertising data over the past few months.

    However, if you do not already have any data for analysis, for example, in the case when we need to create a new advertising account, we can provide estimate from special ad tools. These tools don’t guarantee 100% results but based on our experience in 90-95% cases we exceed these goals.

  • Can we try it for free, pay after we get some ad results?

    We understand that this is every client’s dream, but you know that “free cheese is only in a mousetrap”. Any work must be paid. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in advertising and no one can give them to you. And, if someone gives, then they will blatantly lie. We do our job max professionally and it must be fully paid. This is proven by numerous reviews, cases, and official partner statuses of advertising systems. You can see all this on our website.

  • Can I advertise on the internet without a website or a TikTok account?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible because the traffic needs to be driven somewhere, such as your website, Facebook or Instagram page, Mobile App, or YouTube video.

  • I have already paid for your services. Why else do I have to deposit money into an advertising accounts for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.?

    We only make professional management services for advertising accounts. The money (advertising budget) that you put on advertising accounts for Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising systems are additional costs that must be counted separately for transparency purposes to the client. Advertising budgets and the cost of our work are always separate. Most often, advertising budgets are much higher than the cost of services that we charge.

  • What keywords are my competitors using? Can I see them?

    We have several services to find out, but they are all not entirely accurate. The accuracy is approximately 50%. We do not recommend this method of keyword searches. There are tools for finding the best keyword suggestions, not necessarily the ones your competitors are using, such as Google Planner, Google Trends.

  • How many employees are there for Web-Sci?

    All our employees work in different countries and cities, completely remotely, all of them are full-time specialists. We have a small team of professionals. All employees are divided into PPC Advertising Specialists, Web-Analysts, Project Managers, and there are also freelance designers.

  • Where is your office? (Country/City)

    We have only one office registered in Canada. We work exclusively remotely and believe that nowadays this is the most efficient way to work. We do not have traditional offices. Perhaps in the future, we will have a sales office.

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