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    LLC "SKVIS" expresses its gratitude for your consistently high level of professionalism, creative approach to organizing an advertising campaign and attentiveness to the needs of customers.

    For over one year, the organization of our advertising campaign is led by the company Web-Sci. 

    It's extremely pleasant and easy to work with Web-Sci, we know that we can always count on professional, timely and comprehensive advice on emerging issues, get the proper recommendations and advice.

    Separately, I would like to note the active introduction of new technologies in the field of digital advertising, helping us to get new customers from new sources of traffic. ROI pleases us, and continues to grow!


  • LLC "Amber"

    B2C Services

    My name is Sergey Sivkov, I have been professionally engaged in SEO promotion for over 10 years.

    I would like to thank the entire Web-Sci team for a great job on several clients’ projects, interesting collaboration and involvement in the process. For a long time, I have been looking for a team of real specialists in PPC and Social Media advertising in order to delegate some work (which is not in my field of responsibility) from my clients to them without fear.

    It is always easy and pleasant to work, the Web-Sci specialists have a lot of ideas, strategic solutions for PPC advertising and they do not just understand what a sales funnel is. The work is built as professionally as possible, all stages of interaction, budgets, strategies are approved, and only after that, all this is embodied in effective advertising.

    Special thanks to the project manager for continuous communication, transparency of work and correctness! I would definitely recommend Web-Sci!


  • Shulepov-code

    B2C Services

    My name is Alexander Shulepov. My company has been developing websites for a long time. I would like to leave my feedback about the collaboration with the company Web-Sci.

    I will start from the moment of choosing a company until the completion of the work. I spent at least a month choosing a partner company, there were a lot of calls and meetings. After the first contact with a representative of the Web-Sci company, there was practically no doubt that all the work will be done efficiently and on time. These guys are professionals with a capital letter. They know everything about PPC advertising and social media advertising and seems like in digital advertising they are like a duck to water.

    The CEO of the agency, Ruslan Tula, helped with the project, just 5 out of 5. He was always in touch, offered various options for every taste and cost, took into account all advertising preferences and fulfilled them with high quality.

    There were a lot of difficult advertising moments, but we were able to solve everything together. Now I just want to say thank you! I am sure that we will continue to cooperate in the future, and I will recommend the Web-Sci company to my partners and clients.


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