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  • Ecoclean

    B2C Services

    Ruslan did a great job for our company to gain new clients. We had great success in advertising with them to get new clients. The pricing is fair and straightforward, and you are able to change your budget online at any time. I love the flexibility and control that I have over the budget.

    They are able to target the areas in which I want to focus, along with the search words I want to use. It is affordable and easy to track successes.

    Thanks from


  • Sabisept


    NJSC "Klin-Cosmetica" thanks the Web-Sci advertising agency for the fruitful cooperation!

    High-quality work, instant feedback and an interesting offer on the market could not leave us indifferent. We began working with the Internet marketing agency Web-Sci in September 2019 choosing the option with free setup and paid management.

    The task was difficult. It was necessary to bring to the market our new product with a small budget - a universal high-performance disinfectant with a washing effect - Sabisept M. All work is carried out officially, under a contract with guarantees for high-quality traffic, invoices are provided monthly.

    We started with PPC advertising in Google Ads and Yandex Direct. Already during the first month of work, we began to receive orders and ship goods, further work with the Web-Sci agency only improved these indicators. Seeing that sales increased, we added PPC advertising in Vkontakte social media. We've made adjustments to the design of our website. Web-Sci helped to create new traffic sources. In the future, we plan to launch ads on Instagram and Facebook and further increase our influence on the market.

    The Web-Sci team helped to set up multitracking and multichat for our website from scratch, systematically gives recommendations on increasing conversions, as well as optimizing our website.

    In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Ruslan Tula for a high level of professionalism, mobility, responsiveness, responsibility and human qualities.

    We look forward to further cooperation with Web-Sci, and we wish Ruslan success in his other projects!


  • Aliensgraphic

    B2C Services

    I would like to express my gratitude to the company Web-Sci and personally to its CEO Ruslan Tula for the quality work on setting up the campaign in Yandex Direct.

    Our company is engaged in the creation of animated videos and already had an existing advertising campaign in Yandex Direct. However, it worked unsatisfactorily and made almost no profit.

    Working with Web-Sci, we got a detailed audit, a refined campaign and a very cool result. The cost per lead immediately dropped 1,5 times.

    Strongly recommend the Web-Sci team for collaboration.


  • Furniture Factory "Comfort"


    I am a business owner in the field of production and sale of furniture and in particular sliding-door wardrobes, this field is very competitive, especially in St. Petersburg. The main selling tool for us is our website, we have tried to promote it and to push up sales in Yandex and Google for about 3-4 years in different ways and with different efforts including with the help of many specialists.

    In general, all this did not achieve good results, and the last drop was a grief-company that promoted our site in a "black" way, after which our site get under the most stringent filter of Yandex - the site was banned. And there was silence…

    I addressed to Freelance in search of an SEO specialist and a specialist in the withdrawal of sites from the filter. Choosing among many applications, I stopped on Ruslan. He gave an assessment clearly, honestly, professionally and talked about the progress of work and about possible outcomes. I liked decency and punctuality, which is a great rarity. Tasks were the next: Yandex Direct, Google AdWords (set up and maintenance) and later SEO. Now we are working for 4 months, I am happy for 200% and continue to work further. All perfectly.

    If shortly, it is a SPECIALIST who does not give empty promises, but simply does his job and gives a concrete result! He always offers new methods, experiments, tries, and we finally started earning money. Always in touch, punctual and decent. I advise. I respect and appreciate him not only as a specialist, but also as a good person.

    Thanks Ruslan, I hope to work with you for many years!


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