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  • Tl-chip


    Review about cooperation

    LLC "TL-Engineering" expresses gratitude to the advertising agency Web-Sci for effective and fruitful cooperation in an online advertising field.

    During our collaboration with Web-Sci, we have managed to qualitatively improve the main indicators of advertising in Google Ads and Yandex Direct. This was facilitated by the professionalism and responsible approach of the staff and the head of the agency.

    Thank you for your professionalism, efficiency, and individual approach. We recommend the team as reliable partners. We are happy to continue our cooperation.


  • Domedica24


    Dear Ruslan Tula,

    “Dostupnaya Medicina” LLC thanks the Web-Sci advertising agency for effective cooperation! We contacted the agency on the recommendation, we were advised to cooperate with Web-Sci as with exceptional professionals in PPC marketing, specifically advertising in search engines.

    After briefing and analysis of existing advertising campaigns, it was decided to make everything from scratch. The situation was complicated by the fact that medicine is not a very tolerated topic by Google Ads. However, the agency's specialists coped with the task perfectly. Under the management of the Web-Sci company, now our Google Ads and Yandex Direct with a total budget of about 1,500,000 rubles per month. The price per one lead dropped by more than 5 times. We have absolutely no doubt that every ruble has been used with the maximum benefit for us.

    High-quality technical support, high professional qualifications of employees, and instant feedback are important characteristics of the agency for us.

    We also express our gratitude to the head of the agency - Ruslan Tula for professionalism, high qualifications, responsibility and personal qualities. He has proven that the agency uses the latest innovations in PPC Marketing and achieves the best performance.




    We would like to express our gratitude to the team of the Marketing Agency 'Web-Sci' for their professionalism, non-standard approach, prompt feedback, and high results in promoting our website through the Google Ads advertising system.

    These guys know how to clearly define the desired target audience, showing ads only to those who can potentially be interested in. As a result, the efficiency increases, and the advertising budget doesn't disappear in the vastness of the virtual space.

    All terms and agreements have been met. Thank you, we are very grateful for our cooperation!


  • LLC "Parizhanka"


    LLC "Parizhanka" thanks the advertising agency Web-Sci for our fruitful cooperation! We entrusted Internet advertising to the agency a few months ago and during this time we were convinced that our choice was correct.

    Today, Web-Sci advertises our products in Google AdWords. A high-quality technical support, the opportunity to participate in private testing of new advertising products, high professional qualifications of employees are important characteristics of the Web-Sci agency for us.

    We express our gratitude to the account manager Tula Ruslan for his professionalism, high qualification, responsibility and personal qualities. The agency uses the latest innovations in performance marketing to achieve the best results.


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