Video Ads

Video advertising on the Internet is a new but already loved by marketers and business owners format of promotion. It not only engages the audience in communication with the brand better than other formats of advertising, it also allows to focus on the right people and pay only for a contact with them. Video advertising is the future of the internet marketing, and we actively use it now.

Video Advertising Aims
Demand generation
Increasing brand awareness
Informing about the product
Attracting attention
Work with a hot audience
Advantages of video advertising
Targeting variability
Unlimited timekeeping
Audience involvement
Ability to pay for views but not showings
And many other things
Video advertising is a form of advertising on the Internet, aimed at a company’s image creation, promotion of
services and products, providing information to increase sales.


A distinctive feature of video advertising on the Internet is the dialogue between an advertising company and an audience watching an advertising video. Due to the fact that video advertising is often placed on popular video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., the audience gets the opportunity to leave feedback and form their own video rating. Representatives of the company, in turn, receive information on the number of views of the video, geographical statistics — the residence of the viewers, daily statistics and audience involvement in watching each specific video.

These data allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and give predictions about conversions. Also, the popularity of video advertising on the Internet caused by low prices for the placement of a video. 


YouTube – the most popular video resource in the world with multi-million attendance and all kinds of promotion options. YouTube advertising campaigns are a large reach of the target audience, increasing brand awareness and sales growth. 


Video advertising has another important feature. Advertisers pay only when users watch a video or interactwith it. Advertisers do not pay if a potential client does not want to watch a video and skips it.


Order effective
video ads on YouTube in Web-Sci:

  • Individual selection of effective sites for placement (Google, YouTube, partner channels);
  • Detailed work with various groups of audiences: attracting and returning to the site only target users thanks to professional customization of targeting and remarketing;
  • Weekly and monthly reports on the effectiveness of YouTube ads;
  • Promotion on Youtube means working out with different audience groups due to precise targeting.
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