Mobile Ads 
as a part of Digital-startegy

Mobile advertising is an innovative type of advertising in which contact with a user occurs via mobile devices using various advertising messages. From year to year this advertising channel becomes more and more creative and interesting in terms of formats 
and ways to communicate with users. 

Often there are questions: what kind of tasks can mobile advertising solve and for what type of advertisers should this channel be considered as a mandatory component of the Digital component.

The answer is simple: mobile advertising is suitable for everyone, it is important to use it correctly, and the most important is to evaluate it in conjunction with other traffic sources. Currently, search engine giants, social networks, and various mobile networks offer a wide range of tools for solving image and Performance tasks as well. It is important to understand exactly what tasks your business is facing and how mobile can help you. 

It is possible to say that the mobile channel is indispensable in the general Digital segment.

Since it affects various online activities in general. The user’s path to the conversion can be very long and can end even in Offline. An important role in this is played by Mobile Digital Marketing and its correct implementation. 

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