Display Ads

The oldest type of online advertising. A banner is a graphic image of a certain size that carries an advertising message. Banners of various formats can be seen on almost any website — from users’ home pages to the largest search portals. Banner advertising is constantly evolving — modern banners can be of any shape, they can react to mouse movement, use soundtracks, and so on.

Relevance of Display Advertising

There is a widespread opinion that graphic banners have already lost their peak of popularity — after the appearance of contextual and search advertising, many people were quick to say that banners lost their relevance.


Indeed, graphically rich banners are annoying, often they are specially made «flashy» to attract the attention of visitors. Alas, the effect of this is often the opposite. However, in fact, graphic banners not only have not lost their relevance, but they are also capable of solving advertising tasks that text ads cannot do.

Branding tasks solution

What are these tasks? First of all — branding, aimed at the widest audience. But their possibilities are not limited to this; banners can be used equally well for other purposes, and often they are in no way inferior to text ads. So it is too early to write off banners. 


Probably, banner advertising does not look as transparent and clear as text ads. This is partly a reason why it requires a more careful approach. However, banner advertising is used quite widely and for a variety of marketing purposes. 

Advertising platforms
But where can you run such campaigns?
You can try to collect the right audience on thematic sites scattered throughout the web or you can select the right users from the many visitors of search portals. It is clear that with approximately the same result, labor contribution in these cases is completely different.

Yandex offers various types of media advertising: media context (placing banners on the page of search results) for a specific set of keywords with a very large number of requests, placing banners on partner sites (YAN), etc. 


Google Ads opportunities for banner advertising are even more developed due to additional audiences, themes and intentions of users. You can place your banners on the sites belonging to the so-called «advertising network» which brings together several million sites on various topics. Thanks to Google Ads, you can use all of your smart strategies and choose very accurate audience targeting. 


Banner advertising has another important difference from the contextual one: Remarketing and Retargeting for users who have been on your site or have performed certain actions work well in banner advertising. Thus, we already work with a «hot» audience which is much more willing to perform a conversion.

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