Universal App Campaigns

Many companies have created a successful business based on a mobile application. But, no matter how original was their idea, it is advertising which has allowed them to find their audience. We will help your mobile application to take its place in the smartphones of your potential customers.

We officially live in the Mobile era

Its penetration into all aspects of our life is an undeniable fact: 1 out of three visitors of e-commerce websites use the mobile version (78% of smartphone users and 56% of tablet users), 50% of advertising budgets in Digital fall on Mobile, the number of mobile applications in Android and IOS reaches 3 million 

What should a mobile app developer or publisher do to keep ahead of the competition?

Many people think that it is enough to place your product in the App Store or Google Play for successful promotion, and it will gain popularity on its own. This is possible if you live outside the competitive environment, but in reality it is incredibly difficult to get into the TOP App Store or Google Play. The promotion of a mobile application requires the same thorough approach as the promotion of any other product on the market.

Promotion of Mobile 
Apps with Web-Sci

  • Complex promotion in effective advertising systems
  • Installation of interested users without markups and hidden technologies
  • Transparent reports
  • Work on your KPI (CPI, CPA, etc.)
  • Assistance in setting up analytics and performance evaluation
  • Development of ASO strategy in the App Store and Google Play
Official Sertification

You do not go to a doctor who has no diploma and experience? 

Why do you trust your business to amateurs? 

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