of advertising campaigns

Why do you need the advertising campaigns management?
Reduction in advertising costs
Thanks to management, you can significantly reduce the amount of money invested in contextual advertising by optimizing the budget and tracking bids
Getting better results
If you analyze your campaigns on a weekly basis and correct some points, you can increase the results: more clients and more profits.
If you constantly devote time to the management, you will get not only better results, but also stability. After a while new competitors appear, they try to overtake you, and your advertising is fading, CTR is falling, the number of visitors is falling, and advertising is becoming less effective, so you need to monitor this and change strategies, rates, audiences and targetings in time.
Monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and tracking results are an important part of our collaboration.

We use the features of Google Analytics, DataStudio, PowerBI and Google Tag Manager, which allow you to build and visually display the dynamics of any advertising campaign. 

Increasing the conversion of your sites and your company's profits are as important to us as they are to you.

The more effective your advertising (set up by our specialists), the more fruitful our cooperation. We do not just place contextual ads in the search — we do advertising wisely. The constant process of improvement, which helps to achieve the maximum efficiency, is possible only with proper monitoring of all key parameters and thoughtful analytics.

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