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  • Notta&Belle

    Bykov Denis

    Nottabelle.com thanks the Web-Sci company for effective assistance in achieving the commercial goals of the organization using contextual advertising tools.
    Agency specialists are attentive to details, ready for non-standard solutions to the client's problems, show a high level of professionalism and responsibility. During the cooperation, the profitability indicators of the main directions of the company have been significantly improved. Each task is solved with a deep understanding of our interests and priorities.

    Separately, I would like to note that the Web-Sci team has excellent communication with clients, not a single question remains unanswered. All adjustments in advertising campaigns are thoughtfully and promptly.

    It should be noted with words of gratitude from the head of the agency Tula Ruslan Sergeevich for the systematic approach and everyday work! From the moment we started working together, working with online advertising has become more comfortable and efficient for us.

    To summarize, we can say that working with Web-Sci we get excellent service and a high level of quality in all tasks, plus tremendous experience in Internet marketing.


  • «Infobus S.R.O»

    Infobus - Feedback on cooperation with Web-Sci

    We have been cooperating with the Internet marketing agency Web-Sci represented by Ruslan Sergeevich Tula since the end of 2016. During this period, the indicators of the advertising campaign have grown significantly. We have updated all the logic of advertising campaigns, set up smart remarketing for customers. We are constantly introducing new technologies available from Google. As a result, conversion has increased.

    I would like to separately highlight the responsible and professional approach of a specialist. Online support and quick corrections if necessary. Web-Sci, represented by Ruslan Sergeevich, actively takes the initiative, regularly analyzes the results of current campaigns and, based on the information received, makes adjustments.

    Wishing you successful projects and achieving new goals!


  • Furniture Factory "Comfort"

    CEO - Osinsky V.A.

    I am the owner of a business in the field of production and sale of cabinet furniture and, in particular, sliding wardrobes, the sphere is very competitive, especially in St. Petersburg. The main selling tool for us is the site, for about 3-4 years they tried in different ways and with different efforts, including with the help of many specialists, to promote it and increase sales in Yandex and Google. In general, all this event did not achieve good results, and the last straw was a grief company that promoted our site in black, after which the site got in Yandex under the toughest filter - the site was banned. And there was silence ...

    I turned to Freelance looking for an SEO specialist and a site removal specialist. Out of many applications, I stopped at Ruslana! He gave a clear, honest, professional assessment and spoke about the progress of work and possible results. I liked the decency and punctuality, which is very rare. Tasks: Yandex Direct, Google Adwords (turnkey and maintenance), and later SEO. At the moment we have been working for 4 months, I am 200% satisfied and continue to work further. Everything is fine.

    In short, this is a SPECIALIST who does not give empty promises, but simply does and produces a specific result! He always offers new methods, experiments, tries, does and we finally started making money. Always in touch, punctual and decent. I advise everyone ... I respect and appreciate him not only as a specialist, but also simply as a person. Thank you Ruslan, I hope to work with you for many years!


  • LLC "Amber"

    Sivkov S.N.

    My name is Sergey Sivkov, I have been professionally engaged in SEO promotion of sites for over 10 years.

    I would like to thank the entire Web-Sci team for a great job on several client projects, interesting collaboration, and involvement in the process. I have been looking for a team of real specialists in contextual and targeted advertising for a long time in order to transfer part of the work that is not intended for me to my clients without fear.

    It's always easy and pleasant to work, the guys have a lot of ideas, strategic solutions for PPC advertising, and they don't just understand what a sales funnel is. The work is built as professionally as possible, all stages of interaction, budgets, strategy are approved, and only after that, all this is embodied ineffective advertising. Special thanks to the project manager for continuous communication, transparency of work, and correctness! Would definitely recommend Web-Sci!


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