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    CEO - Ivan Dedov

    We would like to express our gratitude to the team of the Marketing Agency «Web-Sci» for their professionalism, non-standard approach, prompt feedback, and high results in promoting our website through the Google Ads advertising system.

    These guys know how to clearly define the desired target audience, showing ads only to those who can potentially be interested in. As a result, the efficiency increases, and the advertising budget doesn't disappear in the vastness of the virtual space.

    All terms and agreements have been met. Thank you, we are very grateful for our cooperation!


  • Dekormetal

    Babkina E.A.

    “Stalproekt” Decorativnye metally LLC expresses its gratitude to Web Sci advertising agency and General Director Mr. Tula Ruslan Sergeevich for high-quality, timely, and attentive service rendered to our company.

    Throughout our cooperation, Web Sci specialists have performed beyond expectation and proved to be qualified and well-trained. Ruslan Sergeevich brilliantly set up Google Ads PPC advertising and completed all the tasks. He has further provided professional advice, consulting, supported us at every stage, answered all questions in detail and has always been in touch.

    Current outcomes: we receive a plenty of requests and views; our company implements projects, negotiates with would-be customers who have been reached exactly as advertising effects.

    Hereby we acknowledge Mr. Tula and Web Sci advertising agency for the effective and expert work, tailor-made advertising solutions, outstanding interaction, and successful Google Ads results. “Stalproekt” Decorativnye metally LLC is certain of continuing with the agency.


  • Sabisept

    Shkil V.A.

    NJSC "Klin-Cosmetics" thanks to the Web-Sci advertising agency for the fruitful cooperation!

    High-quality work, instant feedback, and an interesting offer on the market could not leave us indifferent. We started working with the Internet marketing agency Web-Sci in September 2019, at a rate with free setup and paid management.

    The task was difficult. It was necessary to bring to the market our new product with a small budget - a universal highly effective disinfectant with a washing effect - Sabisept M. All work is carried out officially, under an agreement with guarantees for high-quality traffic, invoices are provided monthly.

    We started with PPC advertising in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. Already in the first month of work, we began to receive orders and ship goods, further work with the Web-Sci agency only improved these indicators. Seeing that sales increased, we added targeting to Vkontakte. We've made adjustments to the design of our website. Web-Sci helped create new traffic sources. In the future, we plan to launch ads on Instagram and Facebook and further increase our market influence.

    The Web-Sci team helped to set up multitracking and multi-chat for our site from scratch, the system gives recommendations for increasing conversions, as well as optimizing our site.

    Separately, I would like to express my gratitude to Ruslan Sergeevich Tula for his high level of professionalism, mobility, responsiveness, responsibility, and human qualities.

    We look forward to furthering cooperation with Web-Sci, and we wish Ruslan success in the implementation of his projects!


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