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Ramayana Water Park


In 2015, we started cooperation with the largest water park in Thailand “Ramayana”. The area of ​​the water park is 18.4 hectares, there are 21 attractions, swimming pools, a beach, and bars – everything you need for vacationers 🌴. It was on attracting customers and increasing ticket sales that we had to work on.

Initial data

Step by step the work was carried out as follows:

After discussing the goals of the project with the client and receiving the completed brief, we have formed the final goal – not just to attract new clients, but to make the park recognizable, that is, to implement a competent PR strategy taking into account the cultural characteristics of Thailand. An important milestone was the launch of Enhanced Ecommerce, an enhanced e-commerce solution that helped match advertising costs to actual water park sales.


The entertainment sphere 🎉 has its own characteristics, emotions and visualization are important here. But even when dealing with emotions, it is important to remember about the ROI, which illustrates the return on investment. Based on this, we set ourselves the following tasks:

Decisions made

Having received information about the target audience from the customer, we made a decision to broadcast advertisements in Russian, English, and Thai. We connected a translator to the project, who was provided with ads in English, key phrases, and set a character limit.

Since the Thai alphabet uses diacritics, which are written above or below the signs, this increases the number of characters and “eats up” the volume of the ad text. Given these nuances, we preferred ad adaptation rather than a literal translation.


Advertising settings

Search Ads and Display Networks have been tuned for branded and targeted queries.

Branded establishments have been allowed to oust other establishments from the top that are promoting the Ramayana brand. At the same time, we carried out an analysis and found out that brand queries overlap in organic search results and in contextual advertising by no more than 30%.

Dynamic insertion of a targeted query into an ad, the quality, and relevance of landing pages resulted in a CTR above 15% and a keyword quality score above 7.

Some of the campaigns were set up only for screenings in Thailand, some were broadcast all over the world 🌎 for English-speaking and Russian-speaking audiences. We launched a video ad on YouTube for brand awareness.

In order to minimize inappropriate traffic, we did the following:

  1. Configured to exclude child traffic from YouTube ads;
  2. Negative keywords related to the ancient Indian epic of the same name 📖 have been added to brand queries.
Google Ads for the water park

Brand Betting Strategy

During the work on the project, we used our own strategy of interaction with Google Ads:

  • We started by manually setting an average bid to collect enough data to continue working.
  • After three days of showing ads, we received an estimated bid from Google for impressions in the first three positions.
  • Made adjustments to bids to reduce CPA.
  • Got enough clicks and conversions to launch a smart Target CPA strategy per conversion). As a result, Google assigns a higher bid itself if it thinks the user will convert.


Our client’s goal is not just to increase ticket sales, but to increase profits. Therefore, we paid special attention to the return on advertising costs. And the Enhanced Ecommerce helped in this.

What has been done:

  1. Linked Google Analytics to the water park CRM. The Client ID that was assigned to the user who came through the advertisement was saved in the CRM. Together with the ID, information about the purchase made and its amount is saved.
  2. In the water park, the client received a bracelet for which all expenses were saved. The ticket price with all additional costs was also redirected to CRM and Google Analytics.
  3. We received information about the profit from each customer (who made a purchase both online and offline), compared the data with advertising costs and obtained an ROI value , which showed us the effectiveness of advertising in numerical terms. ROI = 230% (data for March 2019)

Features of advertising in Thailand

Even with extensive experience in conducting contextual advertising, we are faced with new moments for us:

  • On the day of the death of the King of Thailand, all advertising was banned, so we stopped all campaigns.
  • Thais celebrate New Year 🎅 in April, here this holiday is called Songkran. It is on this day that mass events and parties are held throughout the country. The Ramayana water park was no exception, for the event of which we have prepared a separate advertising campaign.
  • The geography of demand for the park’s services varies depending on the season. The tourist season is smoothly replaced by the season of local clients. Budgets were allocated in accordance with these periods. During the tourist season, the budget was redistributed towards campaigns in Russian and English.


Google Ads case for a water park

The results of the advertising campaign fully met our and the customer’s expectations 📈. We got high conversion rates and the client got profit growth. The average cost of attracting one customer was 133 THB, while the average check amount is 4200 THB. The great demand for the park’s services and its recognition outside Thailand have become important indicators of the quality of the work done.


The Ramayana project has become really interesting and memorable for us. This is where we leveraged the maximum power of Google Ads – from smart strategy to e-commerce. We’ve used Google Analytics to combine desk data with actual purchases in the park. Ramayana has definitely expanded the geography of our work and introduced us to a new culture.

We are currently no longer working with the client, our advertising campaigns have been stopped, but the e-commerce setup still works and benefits the client.

Video Review


Badekha S.A. - President of RWP Co., Ltd

Tula Ruslan Sergeevich has been providing his services in the field of Google advertising for the Ramayana Water Park since September 2016.

During this time of cooperation, Ruslan has shown his ability to approach the assigned tasks with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time. After updating the logic and settings according to the recommendations of this specialist, all campaign metrics increased, the number of conversions increased, and the average cost of attracting one end-user was reduced. Smart remarketing was launched by selecting and reaching leads. Ruslan always shows initiative in his work and provides operational support online if necessary adjustments are made. As a result of the above actions of a specialist, the advertising budget of companies in Goggle is used much more efficiently.

We look forward to furthering productive cooperation and wish Ruslan new and equally interesting projects.

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