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Aakron Xpress is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and sells boats, boat trailers and mini-houses, and related products 🛥️. The assortment of the company includes dozens of models of goods, different in purpose, technical characteristics, and price. Find an interested buyer for each product correctly customized contextual advertising. Aakron Xpress contacted us to configure it in September 2019.

Initial data

How was the work on the project:

Our main goal is to set up ads that will sell. And for this, it is important for us to understand the customer’s product and its target audience. Having received all the necessary information, we proceeded to creating an advertising account and working out the structure of advertising campaigns. 📍 GEO was installed in Auckland and 60 km around it, it is in this radius that the client works. Advertising campaigns have been created on the Search Network, Display Network (GDN), and search and GDN remarketing have also been launched. In the process of working on the project, we tracked campaigns, turning off those that do not bring results and leaving the most effective ones.


We needed to provide the client with sales, for this we set the following tasks:

  • Set up search ads for main product categories;
  • Connect GDN banner ads to attract potential customers interested in outdoor activities 🚣;
  • Launch remarketing for those who have been on website but haven’t bought anything yet.
Google Ads case for selling boats and trailers

What decisions did you make

Effective advertising is evaluated not only by the number of attracted customers but also by the cost of this attraction. To make it profitable for the customer, we are working to increase the CTR, decrease the cost per click and reduce the cost of conversion.

For this, in the process of working with an advertising account Aakron Xpress made the following decisions:

  • Each group used dynamic search ads consisting of 15 headings and 5 descriptions. For us, this was a kind of A / B testing, which showed which combinations were the most effective.
  • All ad extensions were used to increase CTR: quick links, phone number, clarifications, promotions and a structured snippet.
  • For advertising, GDN used 2 banners of choice for A / B testing.
  • Subsequently, they turned off campaigns that brought too expensive conversions, reallocating the budget in favor of more profitable campaigns.


Search Ads

We have worked out the structure of search advertising, based on the range of customer products and search queries. Created the following campaigns:

Boat trailers

Boat trailers search campaign is divided into groups:

  • Groups by boat length in feet: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-21, 22-24, 25-27, 28-30, 31-33.
  • Group with other dimensions.
  • Single Axle (single axle trailers).
  • Tandem Axle (two axle trailers).

Tiny home trailers

Includes 2 groups:

  • Tiny home trailers;
  • Tiny house trailers.

Inflatable boats

Includes 4 ad groups:

  • General Inquiries Group;
  • Highfield;
  • RIB Inflatables;
  • Rollup Inflatables.

Brand Requests

Includes one ad group for queries related to the company name.


Created one ad group with keywords that include the names of our client’s competitors. As in other campaigns, we use dynamic search ads here, while eliminating keyword substitution in the headline and in the ad text.

Search Remarketing

We used broader keywords. We show ads to an audience that has already been on the site.

Having finished working on the structure of the advertisement, we launched impressions at the average rate in order to get the first data for calculating the bid for impressions at the 2nd-3rd place of the search results. After that, we manually set bids and started getting the first conversions. Then we switched to the smart Target CPA strategy.

Pre-installed these conversions:

  • Submitting a form on the site from any page;
  • Clicking or copying an e-mail;
  • Calling from the site (call tracking).
Google Adwords case for selling boats and trailers

We used the following ad extensions:

  • Quick Links: to the different product categories (Single Axle Boat trailers, Tandem Axle Boat trailers, Boat trailers Parts) and the 5 year warranty page.
  • Phone number.
  • Clarifications: Best Prices in New Zealand, Free Consultation, Durable and Reliable, Affordable Prices, Fast Returns, Wear Resistant Galvanized Steel, 5 Years Warranty, Countrywide Shipping, etc.
  • Promotions: 100% free consultation.
  • Structured snippet.

GDN (Display Network)

Launched GDN remarketing, as well as a banner GDN campaign, which was divided into 3 groups:

  • Audiences suitable for the client’s business, namely people whose interests are in boats and water crafts, fishing, water sports, etc.
  • Keywords: used the same keywords, as in search campaigns.
  • Themes of sites on which our ads will be displayed: fishing, water activities, outdoor activities, hiking, etc.


Google Ads for the boat business

During the work on the project, we tried different advertising campaigns. Disabled those at which a small margin was observed or the client stopped selling goods. The following campaigns are currently active: Boat trailers, Tiny home trailers, and Brand.

Over the entire period of work, we have received the following campaign results:

  • Boat trailers generated 136 NZD $ 27.5 conversions.
  • Tiny home trailers: 43 NZD $ 43 conversions.
  • Inflatable boats: 30 NZD $ 65 conversions
  • Brand Campaign: 2 NZD $ 4 conversions.
  • Search Remarketing: 3 NZD $ 80 conversions
  • GDN Remarketing: 9 conversions of 135 NZD $. Turned out to be expensive, turned it off.
  • GDN: 5 conversions at 73 NZD $. Of these, 2 for keywords (132 NZD $) and 3 for audiences (33 NZD $).


For a client, advertising is always a cost item. And it depends on us how soon it will pay off and the customer will receive the expected sales. Therefore, when working on a project, consistency, constant monitoring of campaigns, as well as customer feedback are important for us. Working with Aakron Xpress, we used our proprietary strategy, periodically adjusting settings Google Ads. As a result, more than 200 conversions, sales growth, and long-term cooperation with the client.

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