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The Czech company Security Lab is engaged in the sale and installation of security systems, video surveillance, and access control🛡️. The field of activity is quite popular and competitive. Therefore, high-quality contextual advertising is just as important here as a user-friendly website. Before a client approached us, he worked with various local agencies and freelancers. But the results were far from desired due to the high cost per lead 🤔. The Security Lab company contacted us on the recommendation. We will talk about where we started, how we collaborated, and what results we achieved.

For those who do not want to read the whole case, we provide the results from Google Data Studio in the screenshot:

Initial data

The main stages of cooperation:

Work on the project began in November 2020 with a budget of 8-10 thousand kroons per month. During this period, we set up and launched search campaigns, remarketing, and Google Shopping.

After two months of work, the client paused due to the pandemic, devoting this time to improving the site to make it more convertible. Also, during the pause, the client independently launched search campaigns and Smart Shopping, but the updated advertising did not meet expectations, and at the end of May 2021 we resumed cooperation.


Our goal was to set up contextual advertising, which will ensure a constant arrival of customers at a low cost of conversion. To do this, we decided to approach the issue comprehensively and set the following tasks:

  • Attract new customers with search ads in Google Ads.
  • Bring leads back to your site with remarketing.
  • Increase sales with Google Shopping and Smart Shopping.
  • Build brand awareness with YouTube Ads

What decisions did you make

The work on the European project has a number of features, mainly related to the language barrier. Since we do not know the Czech language, and advertising must be understandable to the user and relevant to his needs, we made the following decisions:

  1. Make settings in English, and prepare ad texts in English as well. At the same time, connect an English-Czech translator to the project and set clear requirements for the number of characters and keywords in ads and extensions.
  2. After setting up, negative keywords were added to exclude inappropriate traffic. And for this, requests that need to be eliminated were translated using Google Translate.


Search Ads

Initially, we created the following search campaigns:

  • Cameras, Standalone Cameras and Baby Monitors, which led to the respective product categories;
  • Ajax, which led to the brand’s equipment;
  • «General» – a campaign with general queries such as «security systems», «home security systems», «wireless GSM alarms», etc.

At the second stage of cooperation, after a pause, we reviewed the effectiveness of campaigns and search queries. As a result, we reconfigured search ads as follows:

  • Disabled the «General» campaign, which, although it brought in a lot of clicks, rarely led to targeted action.
  • We also disabled the «Ajax», «Standalone cameras» and «Baby monitors» campaigns.
  • Added «IP Home Monitor» and «IP Doorbell» campaigns as product test.

We work with search campaigns according to our corporate strategy:

  1. Getting started with manual strategies. We set bids manually for each keyword. In this case, the account has 3229 requests. We enable the «Enhanced CPC» option, thanks to which the system will raise bids if this increases the likelihood of a targeted action.
  2. Adjust conversions. The following conversions were chosen for Security Lab:
    • Filling out the form on the site.
    • Submitting the Quiz form
    • Order (for this added a thank you page for the order).
    • Click on the phone number on the site (since call tracking is not used).
    • Click on the e-mail or copy the e-mail (especially important for Europe, where e-mail is often used).
  3. Create auto rules to lower the bid by 10% if the impression percentage rises above 85%, and increase the bid if this indicator falls below 75%.
  4. When there are enough conversions to trust smart strategies, switch to Target CPA. This time, the transition was completed 3 months after the start of the second stage of cooperation.

This strategy allows us to competently manage the advertising budget, gradually increasing the number of conversions, while optimizing their cost👌.

Working with ads

In addition to setting up conversions and gradually switching to smart strategies when working with search campaigns, it is important to prepare ads that will push users towards targeted action. To do this, we used the following extensions:

  • Structured snippet.
  • Phone number.
  • Promotion: 100% discount on consultation.
  • Location.
  • Clarifications (Warranties, Fast delivery, Functionality, 100% safety, Free consultation, High quality, Affordable prices, Wide choice).


The campaign for returning visitors who did not make a purchase was set up at the first stage of cooperation. After a pause and resumption of work, we left it and added 2 more remarketing campaigns:

  • Dynamic remarketing. Set up personalized ads for users who are already interested in the products offered on the Security Lab website.
  • YouTube remarketing. Configured the display of Security Lab ads for everyone who was on the company’s website. Ads are shown on YouTube while watching other videos, as well as on partner sites where video is allowed. The main goal of this campaign is to promote the brand, but in addition to awareness, it also brings conversions.

Google Shopping and Smart Shopping

The Google Shopping campaign was set up at the first stage of work. To do this, we used a feed with 584 products, generated automatically in the client’s CMS.

Already at the second stage, we switched to a smart shopping campaign Smart Shopping, which works on the basis of intelligent strategies. The system selects products and bids based on machine learning, therefore, before enabling Smart Shopping, we needed to collect conversions for a regular Google Shopping campaign. Shopping ads are shown on the Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail throughout the Czech Republic.

Moving from Standard to Smart Shopping has reduced the cost per conversion from CZK 335 to CZK 224.


Today, work on the project continues, we are testing new campaigns, tracking the effectiveness, and adjusting existing campaigns. Gradually, the advertising budget increased to 10-12 thousand kroons.

The Cameras search campaign brings the best results: 180 conversions at 222 CZK.

Statistics on other campaigns also meet the client’s expectations and ours:

  • Smart Shopping 80 conversions at CZK 224 each.
  • Remarketing 6 conversions at CZK 413 each.
  • YouTube remarketing 4 conversions at CZK 672 each.


Security Lab is a case that once again confirms that maintaining a contextual one is of the same importance as the professional setting. The customer, like us, is not interested in the race for the number of conversions, but in their quality and affordable price. Therefore, after setting up, we analyze each campaign in detail, reallocate budgets, and switch to smart strategies in time. All this allows us to achieve the desired results and build stable long-term cooperation with the client 🤝.


CEO - Ivan Dedov

We would like to express our gratitude to the entire team of the Marketing Agency «Web-Sci» for their professionalism, non-standard approach, prompt feedback, high results in promoting our site through the Google Ads advertising system.

The guys know how to clearly define the target audience, showing ads only to those who can potentially be interested in it. As a result, the efficiency increases, and the advertising budget is not scattered in the vastness of the virtual space.

All terms and agreements have been met. Thank you, we are very glad for our cooperation!

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