Office furniture sales case - George Walkers


In August 2019, our client was George Walkers, a New Zealand company that purchases and sells used office furniture. George Walkers is a typical example of a New Zealand family business. Managed by a father and daughter, the company is based in Auckland and works with clients in and around the city.

In addition to buying and selling, their activities include office planning, organization of corporate relocations, storage, and transportation of furniture. Thousands of products pass through the company’s office. And in order for the business to work at a given pace, and the goods did not overflow the warehouse, it is important to organize a stable flow of orders, which required set up contextual advertising.

Initial data

The main steps of working on a project:

Before contacting us, the client had a customized Google Shopping. 🔍But after checking the settings, talking with the customer closer, and receiving the completed brief, we decided to redo the Shopping campaign and add advertising in the search network and remarketing. Auckland and nearby towns were identified as GEOs. In the process, we tried different options for the structure of advertising campaigns, abandoned campaigns with low conversion, and gave the customer recommendations for improving the site.


To ensure stable demand for the client’s furniture, we set the following tasks:

  • Restart your Google Shopping Shopping campaign;
  • Set up search ads for major product categories;
  • Set up a banner campaign on GDN (Display Network);
  • Run remarketing to return failed customers to the site.
Google Ads furniture case

What decisions did you make

Our main decisions were about increasing CTR and reducing the cost of conversion:

  • Use dynamic search ads with 15 title variations and 5 description variations;
  • Use all ad extensions to enlarge the search snippet.

We also needed to adapt advertising to the dramatically changed situation. When employees were transferred to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic in New Zealand, they decided to make a Home Office campaign for people working from home 🏠. Created banner ads and prepared home office-related keywords. A corresponding section was also created on the site. The campaigns ran for a couple of months, and then we stopped them, as there were few conversions. While working at home in quarantine, people still used generic keywords like «used furniture».


Google Shopping

Google Merchant furniture case

Effective Google Shopping setup depends on the quality of the product feed, which displays all products with all possible parameters from dimensions to promotional prices. The more product data the system receives, the more accurately the ads are targeted. Initially, the customer’s feed data was not sufficient for high-quality advertising. Therefore, we have prepared the terms of reference for the programmer. And having received an improved feed, we relaunched the ad. The data is uploaded once a day through the Google Merchant Center, which allows you to show users up-to-date data on any item of the assortment.

Search Ads

Initially, we created the structure of search campaigns, focusing on product categories, and it looked like this:

  1. Chairs
  2. Desks
  3. Filing Cabinets
  4. Tables
  5. Partitions
  6. Brands
  7. General – campaign with general queries divided into groups:
  • Second Hand Office Furniture
  • Showroom
  • Used Office Furniture
  • Other General
  • Cheap Office Furniture

Set conversions for the following target actions 🎯:

  • Clicking on the e-mail on the site or copying it.
  • Sending the application form on any page.
  • Calling from the site (call tracking).
Google Ads furniture case

Initially, bids were set manually at the level of 2-3 SERPs, then they switched to the smart Target CPA strategy.

We have played advertising in this form for several months. The results did not live up to expectations, as they brought few conversions. The General campaign converted the best. Therefore, we stopped advertising campaigns that go-to types of furniture. Left a Campaign with general queries «General», Google Shopping, remarketing (with regular banners), Branded with keys to the client’s name.

Added an advertising campaign against competitors. 📢In such campaigns, the main thing is not to use title substitution, so as not to receive a pre-trial claim from a competitor whose name we used as a request. It was this main point that we overlooked and received a claim from one of the competitors, who were ready to sue us. The conflict was avoided, as we promptly fixed the error and did not allow it again.

Launched a Smart GDN campaign, but didn’t really like the results. The conversions were quite expensive and not very targeted. Therefore, Smart GDN had to be stopped.

Ad extensions

We used the following ad extensions:

  • Quick Links: All Products Page, About Us Page, Free Floor Plan Order, Free Design Plan Order, Company Services.
  • Phone Number.
  • Clarifications: «Fast Delivery», «Family Business», «Affordable Furniture», «Save up to 70%», «Custom Solutions», «Installation Service», «Sustainable Furniture», «Auckland Delivery», «Used Furniture» , «Save money».
  • Promotions: «100% free consultation», «100% free floor plan».
  • Location Extension – framed customer’s location. Linked the client’s Google Ads and Google My Business accounts to display ads on maps as well.
  • Structured snippet.


Trying different campaigns, we have achieved indicators that are completely satisfactory to the customer. Campaigns running today show the following results:

  • Total Search Campaign: 196 conversions at an average price of NZD $ 27.19
  • Google Shopping: 53 conversions at NZD $ 44.51
  • Remarketing: 11 conversions @ 52.50 NZD $.
  • Brand campaign: 7 conversions @ 1.49 NZD $.
Google Adwords furniture case

As a rule, George Walkers does not order just one chair or table, but a complete set of office equipment or workplaces. Therefore, the price of conversion fully satisfies our customer, who constantly receives new customers and sees how his investment pays off.


Working on the George Walkers project, we once again saw how important it is not only competently set up contextual advertising, but also to be ready to quickly change it, quickly respond to the situation in the world, claims of competitors, and always be in touch 💪. It is this approach to the conduct of contextual advertising that our clients appreciate, staying with us for constant cooperation.

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