Metalworking Case - Decorative Metals

Metalworking Case


In December 2019, our client was the company «Decorative Metals», which is engaged in the production of metal structures and works with clients from Moscow and the region. Like many companies, our customer has periods of high utilization and bust 📊. So that in times of low demand production does not stand idle, and managers are engaged not in attracting customers, but directly in sales, the management has made the decision to launch contextual advertising, for which he contacted us.

Initial data

The sequence of work:

The first stage of work is always the study of information. It was important for us to better understand the customer’s business and his advertising expectations. To do this, we sent a brief, after which we agreed on goals, objectives and approved the budget. The peculiarity of the project was that the customer did not need constant advertising, but only its periodic connection to resume the flow of customers. Therefore, after setting up and receiving the required number of conversions, advertising is disabled, after which, in the next period of recession, we adjust the settings and reconnect the context for 1-2 weeks to attract new conversions.


We needed to provide the company with new orders with a budget of 30 & nbsp; 000 rubles. per month. To achieve this goal, we set the following tasks:

Google Ads case for metalworking

What decisions did you make

Distinctive features of the project that determined our actions:

  • small budget;
  • no need to advertise constantly;
  • no strict restrictions on the cost of conversion, since the average check of the company is quite high and quickly covers advertising costs. < / li>

In this regard, we made the following decisions:

  • Instead of our usual Target CPA strategy, use Maximize conversions, since Target CPA required more data (which we didn’t have) and more time. In turn, Maximize conversions is a great way to attract target customers when there are no restrictions on the cost of each.
  • To minimize non-target traffic, in addition to setting up GEO 📍 to Moscow and the region, we added other cities of the Russian Federation to negative keywords, as well as failed inappropriate requests (free, instructions, rent, pictures, etc.).


Set up search ads and remarketing

The structure of the advertisement looks like this:

✔Search campaign with ad groups that match the product being manufactured:

  • bar counters and chairs,
  • facades and entrances,
  • columns and column cladding,
  • baskets for air conditioners,
  • canopies,
  • stair railings and railings,
  • steel railings,
  • general (includes general queries such as «production of steel structures», «production metal products», «production and installation of metal structures», etc.).

✔Remarketing. Used on the Display Network. We showed banner ads to those who were already on the site.

Dynamic ads have been configured in search ads. To increase the search snippet and get a high CTR, we added the following extensions:

  • Phone number;
  • Promotion: «Consultation with a 100% discount»;
  • Clarifications: «Large portfolio», «More than 15 years on the market», «Timely delivery», «Free consultation», «Loyal pricing», etc.
Google Adwords metalworking case

Connecting conversions

Initially, the client refused call tracking, so not all conversions were recorded. The following actions were set as conversions:

  • Thank you page after the application;
  • Click on the phone number (from a mobile);
  • Call from a search ad without going to the site.


During the advertising period, 773 users have moved to the site. We recorded 46 conversions. But the main indicator of advertising effectiveness for us is that the client received the required volume of orders, and after a decrease in demand, he returned to us again to re-launch the campaign.

Google Ads for metalworking

According to the client, the main conversions were from mobile 📱.


When working on any project, it is important to understand what the customer wants. Cooperating with «Decorative Metals», we needed to resume the flow of orders and provide the company with the required scope of work. Basic tools Google Ads – search advertising and remarketing. From time to time we return to cooperation with the client when it is necessary to resume high demand for his services.


E.A. Babkina

LLC «Stalproekt» Decorative metals expresses gratitude to the advertising agency Web-Sci and its head Tula Ruslan Sergeevich for the high-quality, timely, and attentive provision of services for our company.

Cooperation has proved that the agency employs highly qualified specialists. Ruslan Sergeevich brilliantly set up Google Ads contextual advertising and completed all the tasks. Moreover, he provided professional advice, gave advice, accompanied at every stage, answered all questions in detail, and is always in touch.

Results of cooperation: we receive a large number of requests and views, our company implements projects, negotiates with potential clients who have appeared precisely as a result of advertising.

We express our deep gratitude to Ruslan Sergeevich and the Web-Sci advertising agency for the prompt, expert work, the most effective interaction, and the extremely successful results of setting up Google Ads. We are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and will continue to work with the agency.

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