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In July 2019, a client contacted us with non-standard business-leveling characters in the game World of Warcraft. The client’s site is a platform, a freelance site, where some people are those who want to pump their character or take possession of unique items in the game 🎮 World of Warcraft (one of the most popular online games in the world on PC), while others are ready to help for money them. Our client’s site connects one with the other and guarantees that the work and payment 💵 will be done as agreed.

Initial data

  • Client site – platform for WoW Boosting
  • Advertising system – Google Ads
  • Advertising system – Facebook Ads

Step by step, the work with the client was structured as follows:

  • To begin with, the client and I filled out a detailed Brief in order to understand the goals and objectives that advertising should solve, find out the portrait of the target audience and take into account the small nuances that only the business owner can almost always know.
  • With the help of the Brief, we found out who our main target audience is. audience, identified budgets for promotion and developed a strategy for work.
  • We agreed on the deadlines and helped create advertising accounts for the client.


Set up Google Ads + Facebook Ads advertising systems. Target Audience: English-speaking people who play World of Warcraft with an average income or above average. At the start, we could not determine the optimal conversion price, so we set the following KPI – advertising should bring in more money than it spends.

What decisions did you make

Since the client, at the beginning of our work, already had a Google Analytics counter on the site, and the site was a working SEO specialist, we decided to consolidate efforts and help each other with information.

The SEO specialist shared with us the most working keywords that are promoted in organic search results, as well as additional information for work. It was especially useful to find out that, despite the high traffic 📊 from tablets and mobile phones, from organic search, the most converting traffic comes from PC 💻. This is quite simple to explain by the fact that the game was developed specifically for the PC, and the conversion actions associated with the game will be performed on this type of device. Mobile phones 📱 and tablets are used in this topic only to absorb information.

After all the information received, it was decided to customize Google Ads + Facebook Ads for PC users only, for the audience that plays World of Warcraft 📈. Such audiences, already selected, are present in both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. With the problem of isolating people with middle and upper-middle incomes, we entrusted the intelligent strategies of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to cope. Looking ahead, they did an excellent job!


Stage 1. Google Ads, preparation.

In Google Ads, it was decided to do:

  • Search advertising campaigns for each WoW service offered on the site;
  • Search campaign for advertising services in a generalized form, for example, for the query “WoW boosting service”;
  • GDN Remarketing – advertising campaigns to catch up with already «hot» customers who have been on our site, but have not made an order, remind them of themselves and return to the site. To do this, we added the audience of everyone who visited the site through Google Analytics to the target audience of the impression. And in order not to annoy people who have already made a conversion, we added an audience of those who made a conversion to the excluded audience.
  • Negative keywords such as «job», «job search», and etc. thereby eliminating inappropriate traffic from people who are looking for relevant vacancies, plan to play and upgrade their accounts for money.
Google Ads for a gaming site

Each campaign was directed to the appropriate landing pages on the site, this increases the quality of the ads, as well as the likelihood of converting user 👍 actions on the site.

But going to the site is just the beginning. To further work with Google’s smart strategies, it was important for us to set up the goals correctly 🎯.

Set goals for such conversion actions:

  • Contacting the chat through the Jivosite service;
  • Copying an e-mail or clicking on an e-mail on the site;
  • Switching to Skype;
  • Add service to cart;
  • Switch to Discord chat;
  • Switch to WhatsApp chat.

We took into account any contact with the user in conversions 📋. This is necessary to show Google the correct target audience for the smart strategy to work correctly.

Why did you decide not to set a purchase goal (namely, the thank you page for your purchase)?

  • Reason 1: the customer uses a large number of payment systems, not all of which return to the site. Setting a purchase goal would lead to loss of conversions and data corruption.
  • Reason 2: After going to the cart, many people still write to the chat. Use the shopping cart as a favorite so as not to lose their selected products and services.

It was important for us to get the maximum truthful conversions in order to better «work together» with Google machine learning.

Stage 2. Branded bidding strategy.

We used the first 2-3 days of impressions to collect statistics. We did not aim to take the first search positions but applied the average bid, which is used for medium-competitive search phrases.

After that, Google Ads calculated the approximate bid for showing at the first position and at the top on the first page of search results. The most significant for us were the rates for showing in the second and third places of the TOP. We applied the bid for the display at the bottom of the TOP, adding 10% to it. This allowed us to be in the second or third positions. At the same time, the rate for each request was set manually, based on the previously calculated Google Ads system.

We have deliberately moved away from first-line placement and flat bidding on all keywords to avoid overpayment for clicks 💪.

The fact is that the cost per click on the first position is much higher than the second, while the amount of traffic does not compensate for the costs, but rather increases the cost of conversion.

After collecting data and optimizing demographic data, we transferred all advertising campaigns to the Target CPA strategy (target cost per conversion) and made the first conclusions that influenced our further actions:

  • General queries, for example “WoW boosting service”, turned out to be more effective, since few people are looking for specific services.
  • We decided to keep the most profitable advertising campaigns, and the main budget was transferred to a general advertising campaign and remarketing.
  • Added a gaming audience in watch mode and increased bid adjustments for them. This contributed to better Google learning and higher bids for those more likely to take a conversion action.

After all the actions – The cost per conversion was 280 rubles 👍. We are still working on the account, optimizing it, increasing the number of conversions, and reducing their cost.

Google Ads for a gaming site

Stage 3. Facebook Ads

Since the target audience is English, the work was carried out on all Facebook Ads placements. In the Russian Federation 🇷🇺, the vast majority are advertised only on Instagram.

Our actions:

  • Immediately after setting up Google Ads, we installed the Facebook Ads pixel on the site and set up conversion actions to collect a look-a-like audience.
  • We launched targeted ads to the audience that plays World of Warcraft.
  • Set up standard retargeting on Facebook for an audience that has already seen the ad, went to the site, but did not take the targeted action.

Obtained results:
Targeted advertising and retargeting turned out to be the most effective campaigns, providing leads with an average price of about 200 rubles. The look-a-like audience turned out to be ineffective and brought more expensive conversions. A possible reason is the too wide audience of gamers who play not only WoW.



Currently, our advertising budget is approximate:

  • 3000-4500 $ per month for Google Ads
  • 1500-2000 $ per month for Facebook Ads

A client gets about $ 10 from every dollar spent on advertising. Accordingly, taking into account all the expenses, it is profitable, and we continue to develop the business.


Comprehensive, balanced, and confident step by step. This is exactly how we work throughout the year. Our goal was not to fight for the first positions and quick results. Competent brief, cooperation with the customer, a combination of classic Facebook Ads campaigns and smart Google Ads strategies – all this brings the desired result, low conversion cost, and stable growth.

We confidently use the intellectual capabilities of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, but we do not shift all the work to them, we carefully analyze the data, prepare the basis for effective advertising.

Currently, work on the project continues, the customer is very pleased with the results of our work. A lot of potential customers come to the site 📈, the quality and number of leads is growing, which is why I also had to hire additional boosters with the help of advertising, which ultimately led to the idea of ​​expanding 🌍. In the near future, we plan to expand the list of games and create a full-fledged gaming platform.


IP Shevyrtalov I.D.

My colleague and I have a specific business in the field of providing goods and services in online games. Sales are carried out through the site, and for a long time, we were looking for a contractor who would understand our field, delve into business processes, and set up effective advertising. We tested a large number of “specialists” in Google Ads but settled on the Web-Sci advertising agency.

In less than half a year, we have increased the number of sales and new customers on our website. We would like to express our gratitude to the head of the agency – Tula Ruslan for high professionalism, initiative, competent advice, analysis, and support of our advertising account, as well as for prompt answers and implementation of innovations in Google Ads advertising of our project.

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