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In 2017, we were lucky to combine professional activities with charitable activities. Our client is the non-profit organization «Dog Patrol» 🐶, which solves the problem of homelessness of dogs through sterilization and vaccination. In 2017, the center was just starting its activities in Rostov-on-Don, and it was necessary to raise funds to launch and establish its work.

Initial data

  • Client site –;
  • Google Ads advertising system as part of the Google Ad Grants program.

Step by step 🐾 the work was carried out as follows:

At the meeting with the client, we discussed the goals of the project, fill out the brief offered to use the Google Ad Grants program, which provides $ 10,000 per month ($ 329/day) for advertising on the search network. In accordance with the main condition of the program, we proposed a strategy for launching and maintaining search campaigns, divided into ad groups for relevant keywords related to charity and helping animals.


Configure Google Ads Search Ads taking into account the requirements of the Google Ad Grants system, namely:

  • limit budget to $ 329/day;
  • only use text ads;
  • maintain a CTR of at least 5% at the account level;
  • exclude queries with quality scores of 1 and 2;
  • ensure a cost per click of no more than 2 USD;
  • exclude one- or two-syllable key phrases (such as «make a donation»), instead use targeted requests (for example, «donate to dogs»).

In fact, we are faced with a task: using a resource of 10,000 USD within strict limits, to get the most out of an advertising campaign.

Google Analytics for charities

What decisions did you make

In order to reach as many users as possible within the established budget, it was decided to broadcast ads all over the world 🌎. To do this, it was necessary to first solve 2 problems:

  1. Translate the site into English.
  2. Meet the Google Ad Grants requirement not to target the entire world. For this reason, separate ad campaigns have been created for different countries.
Google Ad Grants for Charities


Advertising preparation

The work began with an application to Google for a grant 💵. We studied the legal and technical requirements in advance, sent a request, and, after a positive decision, got down to work.

Then they followed the plan set earlier:

  1. Set up search campaigns targeting different countries.
  2. Added negative keywords related to the PAW Patrol cartoon of the same name. Thus, we cut off a huge part of non-targeted traffic and kept the CTR at the required level.
  3. We set the conversion for clicks on the block with the requisites. Since the site has a large number of donation services that do not return to the site after the transfer of funds, the conversion for the fact of the donation was not established.
  4. Once a week, Audit contextual advertising to check and eliminate possible violations of Google Ad Grants rules.
Google Ads for charities

Problems and Solutions

The main difficulty was maintaining a high CTR (5% or more) with a low cost per click (2 USD or less). For example, for impressions in the first positions in Europe, the USA, and Canada, we needed more expensive queries. With the $ 2 cap, the ad was displayed at the bottom of the SERP, which resulted in fewer clicks and a correspondingly low CTR.

The problem was like a vicious circle 🔄 and demanded an immediate but elegant solution in order to attract an audience without getting banned. After talking with Google technical support, I got the idea to connect smart tCPA strategy (Target cost per conversion).

  • Firstly, this is not prohibited by the rules.
  • And secondly, we already had conversions configured.

As a result, we managed to bypass the 2 USD limit, increase the cost of clicks to an average of 4-5 USD, and for some requests (for example, animal charity) to 10 USD. This allowed us to increase the CTR and the effectiveness of the campaign as a whole 📈.

Google Ads for charity


The sterilization center was launched on September 17, 2018. The organization managed to raise 2.5 million rubles before opening. Since the site has many options for transferring funds, it is impossible to track how many contributions after advertising were made. But as a result of the campaign, we managed to attract a huge number of people who wanted to help homeless animals, which is proved by transitions to the site and clicks on contacts (over the entire period of our work, they went to the contacts page more than 4850 times)


The project not only provided an opportunity to contribute to helping animals but also motivated us to think flexibly, following the rules of Google Ad Grants and at the same time going beyond the limits. Careful selection of search queries, elimination of negative keywords, competent geotargeting, smart tCPA strategy, and constant monitoring of indicators – all this allowed us to achieve impressive indicators.

✔ The Dog Patrol organization is successfully operating today, continues to attract sponsorship funds, performs assigned tasks, and shares the results of its activities on its website.

Currently, the English version of the site has lost its relevance, so in the near future – setting up advertising only for the Russian-speaking audience with geo-targeting campaigns to the CIS countries. We plan to attract an equally active audience ready to join in helping animals.


CEO - Margarita Karpova

We, the Autonomous non-profit animal protection organization «Dog Patrol», express our sincere gratitude to Ruslan Sergeevich Tula for his contribution to the development of the project and for his indifferent attitude to the problem of stray dogs in the city of Rostov-on-Don.

Ruslan Sergeevich came up with an initiative on a volunteer basis to help promote the Dog Patrol project using Google advertising tools. To do this, Ruslan set up several advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and YouTube spoke in detail about all the tools and settings used in the campaigns and recommended methods and criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of placements. In addition to preparation, Ruslan took over the monitoring of advertising campaigns and their optimization.

Separately, I would like to note the professional support from Ruslan Sergeevich, which is expressed in regular monitoring of the results of placements, recommendations for expanding and optimizing campaigns. In addition, we would like to note the shortest implementation time for all adjustments.

We are sincerely grateful to Ruslan Sergeevich for his disinterested help to the charitable project «Dog Patrol». Thanks to this support, we have become one step closer to launching a modern Mass Sterilization Center and a humane solution to the problem of animal neglect in Rostov-on-Don.

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