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Case Study on Sports - Precisionstriking

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Canadian boxing coach Jason Van Veldhuysen 🥊 became a client of ours in 2019. Jason posts videos on his YouTube channel once a week that teach technique and endurance while also motivating viewers to get into sports. At the beginning of our cooperation, the channel was already 12 years old and had 400 thousand subscribers. The client also has an online store with tutorials. Jason independently develops his business, and wanting to make it more efficient, he decided to delegate the advertising setup to us.

Initial Data

The client first considered the need for PPC advertising in 2012, then he took the first steps on Google Ads setup. However, the lack of time and the desire to get advertising that really worked pushed him to connect with specialists, that is, to connect with us. After the first communication and the completed brief, we had an understanding of the audience and the client’s end goals. Additionally, we reviewed the market for sports services: audience inquiries and sites with similar services.

We proposed focusing on video advertising 📹, supplementing it with remarketing, as well as launching Display Network Ads.


Since we decided to use several advertising channels, we weren’t just faced with the task of setting them up correctly. It was also important for us to evaluate the effectiveness of each ☝ so that in the future the client could use the advertising budget more profitably.

Our main objectives:

  • Setting up YouTube Ads to attract an audience to the channel
  • Launching Mobile App Ads to download the mobile apps
  • Setting up the Google Display Network for search words, interests, remarketing, and look-a-like audience
  • Tracking metrics in Google Analytics and adjusting campaign settings

Course of Action

Since the client already had a YouTube channel with excellent video content, we decided to do several advertising campaigns with his videos. Additionally, we used advertising for mobile applications and GDN, setting conversions for installing the application and downloading a trial course.

Since the client and his audience are English-speaking, all communication, setup, and work were carried out in English.


Step 1. YouTube

We implemented video ads with two types of campaigns:

  1. Remarketing. The impressions were directed at people who watched any of the client’s videos on the channel but didn’t interact with them in any way. In essence, we reminded the interested audience about the site. A website link and information about a free trial training program were added to the promotional video.
  2. Targeting Campaigns. Campaigns were returned on YouTube In-Stream and YouTube Discovery to target keywords and topics of users who were interested in combat sports and boxing in particular.

Video ads brought us conversions from 2.07 CAD to 63.5 CAD (Canadian dollars).

Remarketing showed the most profitable results 💪. Specifically, it helped us decide to leave it up for further promotion.

Case Study on Sports Precisionstriking

During the whole project, remarketing generated 1500 conversions at 2.07 CAD.

Step 2. Android and IOS

We set up 4 campaigns for mobile app ads 📱: 2 for a free app on IOS and Android and 2 for a paid app. While working with the client, we launched one advertising campaign for a free application on Android.

Installing a mobile application was considered a type of conversion.

Mobile advertising brought in 273 conversions at 0.20 CAD.

Case Study on Sports Precisionstriking

The paid Android application had not yet been tested at the time, and the IOS version need help from the application developer.

Step 3. GDN Ad Campagins

Additionally, we launched display campaigns with banners to advertise the channel, website, and apps:

  1. WebSci_App_Remarketing – a remarketing campaign for people who were on the apps page, but didn’t download any of them.
  2. WebSci_GDN_Remarketing – for people who were on the site or watched a video on the YouTube channel, but, didn’t take any targeted action, for example, they didn’t subscribe to the “Free Training Program”.
  3. WebSci_GDN – GDN campaign for keywords, interests and topics for those who fit our target audience.
  4. WebSci_GDN_Similar audiences – GDN campaign for a look-alike audience like those who made a conversion with us, namely, they downloaded a test brochure or a course at Look-alike audiences are automatically created by Google Ads when enough data appears in the account.
Case Study on Sports Precisionstriking


Preliminary analysis of the business, setting clear objectives and continuously fine-tuning advertising campaigns generated 2186 conversions with an average cost of 2.12 CAD. Working with Google Analytics and optimizing campaigns led us to identify the most profitable advertising channels and discontinue the less effective ones, which helped to increase the client’s business indicators 📈.


Effective advertising not only brings in profit but also helps to draw the right conclusions for planning further. A competent setup for PPC advertising and working with analytics allowed us and the customer to investigate the sports business more deeply, such as where the audience comes from and why, what they look for, and what they buy. The client received not only customized campaigns to work with further but also important indicators: advertising costs, cost per lead, and cost of conversion. By Knowing how much it costs to attract a customer and which channels of doing so are the most profitable, you can more effectively manage an advertising budget.

With our help, the client achieved their main goal of focusing their investments on advertising in a smart way so they could focus on business.

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