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Case Study on Romantic Gifts - Notta & Belle

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To sell something that’s not a product, but an emotion. This is the challenge that NOTTA & BELLE, who we collaborated with in 2018 faces every day. The company sells flower arrangements with delivery anywhere in the world. And their key product, a rose in glass 🌹, is a fabulous image brought to life. And thanks to stabilization techniques, the rose can be stored for up to 5 years, but at the same time has a high price. And it was this advertising that we had to work on.

Initial Data

  • Client’s website –;
  • Advertising account – Google Ads.

The work was carried out gradually as described:

Getting to know the client’s business remains an important step in our work process. Our first communication with them and the completed brief gave us the necessary idea of ​​the product. A rose under glass is part of the fairy tale ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ People buy them as a romantic gift, a beautiful gesture, or when you want to impress a loved one. At the same time, the flower market is filled with similar products. As a result, we faced a lot of competition and a high cost for clicks. Roses in a flask from NOTTA & BELLE is a premium market segment, which is more expensive and better than many similar products. We took this into account when choosing our audiences and creating advertisements.

The client is located in the Czech Republic. Accordingly, advertising campaigns were conducted in Czech crowns (CZK), and all prices are presented below in the same currency.

Case Study on Romantic Gifts Notta Belle


Our goal was to increase the number of orders of roses in a flask from Europe, in particular from customers in Germany and France. To do this, we set up the following objectives:

  • Launching search campaigns for Germany, France, the UK, and Europe in general.
  • Setting up brand campaigns for Germany and France.
  • Enabling remarketing and dynamic remarketing to return clients from France and Germany to the site.
  • Launching GDN for Germany and France.
  • Setting up Google Shopping.

Actions Taken

To effectively set up campaigns, we made the following decisions:

  1. Getting translators involved. We made a job posting for the UK and Europe in English 🇬🇧. To create ads in French 🇫🇷 and German 🇩🇪 we worked with translators who we sent the texts for translation, keywords and requirements for the number of characters via Google Sheets.
  2. Eliminating non-targeted requests. Since a rose in glass is associated with ‘Beauty and the Beast’, it was important for us to get rid of all requests that relate to the cartoon/film/fairy tale, but aren’t related to our product, while leaving only targeted requests (for example, ‘buy a rose just like in Beauty and the Beast’).
  3. Reach the target audience. As we already mentioned, a lot of people are interested in roses in glass, but not everyone is ready to buy them for the high price with the presence of cheap products in the same vein. In order to draw attention to our product, we showcased its advantages in the ad, focused on quality and targeted the audience who would be ready to pay for that level of quality.
Case Study on Romantic Gifts Notta Belle


Search Campaigns

Each search campaign created one ad group with targeted queries.

Each search campaign created one ad group with targeted queries (‘rose under glass’, ‘rose from Beauty and the Beast,’ etc.). The bids were set manually, focusing on the cost of the 2nd and 3rd positions. And after receiving several dozen conversions, optimizing demographics, and other targeting, we switched over to the smart strategy with Target CPA (target cost for conversion).

We chose a thank you page after the purchase as a conversion. Additionally, targets were established for sending goods to the cart, and subscribing to an e-mail newsletter, and new goals were added during promotions. After getting enough data, Google Ads automatically increased the bid if it thought the user would make a purchase.

In addition to the corporate strategy, we used a dynamic search campaign, which selected keys according to the pages we specified. But the results of the campaign turned out to be worse than those we did manually. So we decided to discontinue it.

GDN campaigns

We tested GDN ads for France and Germany, targeting an audience of luxury shoppers, people who go on dates, and have an interest in Valentine’s Day gifts 💝. However, the GDN campaigns did not show the desired results, so they were soon discontinued.

Remarketing and Google Shopping

Remarketing and dynamic remarketing were used to bring customers back to the site.

While working on the project, we tried various ways to attract an audience. To bring customers back to the site, we used remarketing and dynamic remarketing. Some conversions were received almost immediately, but their cost reached almost 1000 CZK in this case. Therefore, we reduced budgets and continued to work with remarketing at lower turnovers.

Google Shopping showed a good result, but a lot of competition between products gave us a high cost per click, which could not be lowered by adjustments. As a result, Google Shopping had to be discontinued.

Case Study on Romantic Gifts Notta Belle


📌 Over the course of the campaigns, we have achieved an average conversion rate of CZK 313 for all campaigns, which the client found completely satisfactory. Considering that the conversions were configured only for purchases through the site, and some of them attracted visitors who subscribed to the e-mail newsletter, we can say that the real conversion price is even lower.

Work on the project lasted six months, and during this time the largest number of conversions was brought in by search campaigns for Germany and France, at 190 and 129, respectively. The cheapest conversions (25-30 CZK) and the highest CTR (around 50%) were shown by brand campaigns.

While working on the project, we saw that the main leads come from mobile phones 📱. We then analyzed the site and recommended the client improve the mobile version in favour of speed and convenience, which was done.

Case Study on Romantic Gifts Notta Belle


PPC advertising for premium goods in a highly competitive environment requires informed decisions. Working with NOTTA & BELLE, we tested different approaches to choose the most effective strategy. It was important for us to find potential customers and convince them to make a purchase. The largest results were obtained through search advertising, interest in sales ads helped pique people’s interest in buying the product, and it was possible to reduce the cost of conversions with the help of Google’s smart capabilities.


Bykov Denis thanks Web-Sci for effective assistance in achieving the organization’s business goals with the help of PPC advertising tools. The specialists of the agency are attentive to details and ready for non-standard solutions of client’s problems. They show a high level of
professionalism and responsibility.

During our cooperation, the profitability indicators of the main directions of the company have been significantly improved. Each task is solved with a deep understanding of our interests and priorities.

I would like to note that the Web-Sci team has excellent communication with customers, not a single question remains unanswered. All adjustments in advertising campaigns are thoughtful and fast.

In addition to this, I would like to thank the head of the agency Tula Ruslan for a systematic approach and everyday work! From the moment we started working together, working with online advertising has become more comfortable and efficient for us.

Summing up, we can say that working with Web-Sci we get excellent services and a high level of quality in the execution of all tasks thanks to an enormous positive experience in Internet marketing of Web-Sci.


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