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Case Study on Cleaning Service - Ecoclean

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In March 2018, a cleaning company from Dubai became our client. The goal was simple – to attract new customers. But, as with any foreign project, we had to take into account the peculiarities of local advertising and consumer behavior. Here’s how things turned out.

Initial Data

  • Client’s website –;
  • Advertising account – Google Ads.

The work was carried out gradually as such:

As with any project, it’s important for us to understand the client’s wants and expectations for advertising. For this, we started our work together with a brief 📃. After we received the completed brief, we realized that the client’s audience was divided into two categories: those who wish to order cleaning of private residential premises and those who require cleaning of commercial premises. Based on this, we proposed launching separate advertising campaigns for each audience. Initially, we were guided by an advertising budget of 500 dirhams (AED) per day with the prospect of increasing conversions while decreasing their cost.


❇ Cleaning services are a rather narrow field of activity in the UAE. There is not much competition in the Dubai market, and people looking for these kinds of services are ready to place an order right away. With that in mind, we decided to follow the classic plan:

  • Setting up search campaigns for two audiences (residential and commercial cleaning)
  • Launching Ads on Google Display Network
  • Setting up remarketing on GDN and YouTube
  • Optimizing the budget and linking up Google’s smart strategies.

Actions Taken

Although the official language in the UAE is Arabic, English is also widely used there. It wasn’t difficult for us to create English-language ads, which was quite logical since the client’s site is also in English.

Case Study on Cleaning Service Ecoclean

It was important to take into account that queries related to cleaning services are popular among people looking for a job in this area. To exclude unrelated visits, we added negative keywords related to job searches to the search campaign 👷. Later, the same decision was made for advertising on GDN.


Step 1. Search Ads

To start things off, we launched search campaigns for targeted queries with an average bid. These became not only a source of the first conversions but also helped collect statistics on similar audiences. Next, we applied a bid for a rate for impressions for 2-3 positions, which brought us no fewer visits than the top 1 would have and was much cheaper than the top position.

After collecting enough conversions, we switched to the smart ‘Target cost per conversion’ strategy. After that, Google started showing ads to anyone who was ready to order the company’s services, which means that we were able to distribute the advertising budget more profitably 📊.

Step 2. GDN, remarketing, YouTube

After the first month of working on the project, a similar audience was collected, on the basis of which we launched advertising on the Display Network. This brought us an additional 5-7 leads per day with the same cost per lead. For those who visited the site, but didn’t place an order, we launched remarketing on GDN and YouTube.

As we all know, the GDN gives a large number of impressions. And in order for them to be as targeted as possible, and the display campaign did not drain the advertising budget, we took the following steps:

  • We excluding ads in mobile apps 📵
  • Disabling displaying remarketing in the Display Network on
  • Over the course of the project, we expanded the list of negative keywords related to job searches
  • Disabling impressions on ineffective sites and platforms


The specifics of the cleaning industry’s targeted user requests and competent advertising setup led us to reach the desired indicators in 2 weeks 🎯. Since no call tracking was installed on the client’s website, we only recorded requests made online.

The following indicators were achieved for 2 months of work (March-June 2018):

  • Cost of conversion in searches up to 86 AED.
  • Cost of conversion on GDN up to 66 AED.
  • 10-12 leads per day.


When setting up ads for, we didn’t just focus on lightning-fast results, although we did manage to achieve them. The main objective was the flexible setup for PPC advertising, which is easy to work with both us and for the customer in the future. We entrusted the smart capabilities of Google with the possibility of managing the budget and reallocating it in favour of more profitable impressions, which met our expectations. As a result, we saw profitable conversions, an increase in the number of orders, and the possibility for further scaling for advertising.


Owner - Sergey Kryvitski

Ruslan did a great job for our company to gain new clients. We had great success in advertising with them to get new clients. The pricing is fair and straightforward, and you are able to change your budget online at any time. I love the flexibility and control that I have over the budget.

They are able to target the areas in which I want to focus, along with the search words I want to use. It is affordable and easy to track successes

Thanks from


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