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Case Study on Advertising Chip-Tuning Workshop -

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TL CHIP is the company that Toyota and Lexus owners turn to increase the power of their cars 🚀. TL CHIP works on chip tuning with car owners from all over Russia. For this case, PPC advertising was the tool that can attract customers from any region of the country and ensure a stable flow of orders. Having experience in setting up advertising for a tuning studio, we discussed with the client all the details of the project and got down to work. Read on to hear how it all turned out.

For anyone who doesn’t want to read the who case study, we’ve got the results alone in two screenshots from Google Data Studio.

Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru
Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru

Initial Data

  • Client’s website –
  • Advertising System – Google Ads.
  • Advertising System – Yandex.Direct.

The main steps:

The client contacted us after getting acquainted with our case study on the tuning studio Setting up advertising began in February 2021 after agreeing with the customer on working methods and discussing their features 🤝. For promotions, we used search and display advertising in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct, paying special attention to negative keywords. We started with manual settings and gradually moved on to smart strategies.

Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru
Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru


Our goal was to attract high-quality traffic, in other words, to show ads to a visitor or user who is ready to place an order, and at the same time to stand out favourably amongst competitors. To do this, we established the following objectives:

  • Set up search advertising on Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.
  • Launch advertising on partner sites with GDN and YAN.
  • Bring potential customers to the site using remarketing and retargeting.

Actions Taken

It was important for us to reach the maximum targeted traffic, which would provide both a reasonable conversion price and the company’s needed workload.

For this, we worked with search queries and negative keywords.

Initially, we gathered a large list of models and gradually turned them off. Since the company doesn’t work with models from all release years, and users don’t specify their car’s model year in the request, we disabled requests that brought inappropriate traffic. For example, Lexus ES, Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Hilux.

We added negative keywords like:

  • General information requests like ‘chip tuning’
  • Non-target queries, such as ‘head chip tuning’ since it refers to a radio upgrade, which TL CHIP doesn’t work with.
  • Queries that the customer asked to add, based on their experience, for example, ‘Camry 3.5 chip’ and ‘Prado 2.7 chip tuning.’


Setting up and Running Ads with Google Ads

We have launched 2 search campaigns, remarketing and Google display ads.

⚙️ Work with the search campaigns was carried out as follows:

1. We created two search campaigns:

  • General campaign with groups like Lexus Firmware, Competitors, Toyota Firmware, Lexus Chip Tuning, and Toyota Chip Tuning.
  • Campaign By model. We had a preliminary briefing with the client, having agreed on the list of models.

2. We prepared ads with these extensions:

  • Phone number
  • Quick links (for ordering services for increasing power, as well as free consultations, free diagnostics, and free test drive).
  • Specifics and Qualifications (Affordable prices, 3000+ cars serviced, 5+ years of experience, Free consultation, increase power by 40%, 5% discount, Prado-Club partner, 100% quality guarantee, 100% money back, Free test drive).
  • Promotion: Any services with a 10% discount
  • Structured snippet

3. We established conversions:

  • Submitting a form on the site
  • Calls from search ads
  • Chat
  • Calls from the site (call tracking)

4. We manually established bids for requests with the Enhanced CPC option. With that, we gave the system the opportunity to increase the bid if it could lead to a conversion.

5. We added auto-rules for lowering and increasing bids, which will keep the percentage of impressions in the range of 75-85% for each request.

6. After getting enough conversions, we switched campaigns over to smart Target CPA strategies.

⚙️ We created a remarketing campaign with banners stating that we do chip tuning while maintaining the warranty and an invitation to sign up with a 5% discount.

⚙️ Also, to attract a larger audience, we tried the GDN campaign for the Toyota chip tuning service with the following groups:

  • Audiences were interested in Toyota vehicles, spare parts for this vehicle and the Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • Key queries related to Toyota.
  • Site topics related to this vehicle.

❌ The GDN campaign didn’t generate conversions, while spending RUB 4,700, we decided to discontinue it.

Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru
Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru

Setting up and maintaining advertising on Yandex.Direct

⚙️ Here, just like with Google Ads, we set up two search advertising campaigns with manual bid management:

  • with general queries.
  • by model.

We installed the same conversions as in Google Ads (filling out a form on the site, calling from an ad, chat and calling in from the site).

⚙️ Next, we added a media-PPC banner that was shown for search queries. And to bring back customers who didn’t complete a targeted action, we launched retargeting.

⚙️ After we had enough statistics, we added a YAN advertising campaign with pay per conversion, which subsequently brought in the bulk of the conversions.

Case Study on Advertising Chip Tuning Workshop tl chipru


Both ad networks bring in quality traffic that leads to conversions. But since Yandex initially had more traffic in the field of chip tuning, it brought almost 2 times as many conversions, while using a larger budget.

☝️It’s worth mentioning that the CTR for search campaigns is 12%, which speaks to the quality of the ads and their relevance to the queries. In other words, our ad offers the user exactly what they need.

In 3 months Yandex.Direct brought 298 conversions with an average cost of 385 rubles. The most effective campaign of this kind brings on average 50 conversions per month for 127 rubles.

All the campaigns on Google Ads generated 153 conversions with an average cost of RUB 679. The most effective was the overall search campaign with 71 conversions. Search campaigns for model and remarketing generated 36 and 46 conversions, respectively.


The advertising campaigns fully met the client’s expectations, as shown not only by quantitative indicators but also by the willingness of TL CHIP to develop new initiatives and continue cooperation with us. Currently, the client is working on a similar website for German cars, which is planned to launch PPC advertising with Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.


Cygankov Sergej Sergeevich

LLC “TL-Engineering” expresses gratitude to the advertising agency Web-Sci for effective and fruitful cooperation in an online advertising field.

During our collaboration with Web-Sci, we have managed to qualitatively improve the main indicators of advertising in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. This was facilitated by the professionalism and responsible approach of the staff and the head of the agency.

Thank you for your professionalism, efficiency, and individual approach. We recommend the team as reliable partners. We are happy to continue our cooperation.


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