Case about roofs repairing and building - CRS

Case about roofs repairing and building - CRS


CRS Complete Roofing Solutions from Auckland, New Zealand became our client in November 2020. Complete Roofing Solutions is a team of professional roofers who provide a wide range of services 🏠. Ordering new gutters, window openings, a complete roof overlap, or a completely new roof can all be ordered from CRS. The company works with private and commercial clients. CRS’s mission is to provide high-quality services, and our mission is to promote these services across Auckland and the Region, as well as increase the number of clients for the company.

Initial data

Google Ads

How was the cooperation going and is going on:

We always pay special attention to the preliminary collection and analysis of information. The optimal tool for the first communication with the customer is brief. Having received a completed brief from CRS, we learned about the main services, competitors, and priority areas of work. The ad campaigns were launched on November 5, 2020, with GEO settings in Auckland, New Zealand region. We set up advertising campaigns in the Google search network 🔍 with a starting budget of 5000 NZD $ (New Zealand dollars). & Nbsp; In the process of work, the budget changed as the client received new orders.


It was important for us to bring quality leads to the client, which in the process will turn into real orders. With a starting budget of 5000 NZD $ and an understanding of the client’s goals, we set the following tasks:

  • Configure search engine advertising in Google Ads on the main services of the company.
  • Set up search advertising in Google Ads for related products that our client sells.
  • Launch a brand search campaign for those who have already heard about Complete Roofing Solutions .
  • Set up search ads in Google Ads for keywords – brands of competitors. Necessarily without substitution in the title, so as not to receive a pre-trial or legal claim.
  • Using Remarketing GDN return potential customers who have not made an order to the site.

What decisions did you make

Absolutely always, even perfectly tuned advertising can be improved in the process of work. To get the most out of Google Ads and our customizations, we made the following decisions:

  • At the stage of setting up campaigns, we used dynamic search ads and all available ad extensions: quick links, phone number, clarifications, promotions and a structured snippet.
  • Having received the required number of conversions to connect the intelligent capabilities of Google Ads , switched from manual bidding to a Target CPA strategy.
  • Tracked ad performance and turned off keywords, groups, and ad campaigns with too high conversion rates.


Advertising account structure

Search advertising has become the main tool for promoting and generating leads. Having received information about priority services and key requests, we created the following structure:

🛠 Products – an advertising campaign aimed at selling related products (painted steel coatings of the KiwiColour and Colorsteel brands)

The campaign brought in conversions of 101 NZD $, which is quite expensive for promoting similar products. Therefore, we decided to disable it.

🛠 Commercial – advertising services for working with roofs of commercial buildings (used such queries as “Commercial roofing company”, “Commercial roofing service”, etc.).

🛠 Brand – brand advertising using the company name (CRS, Complete Roofing Solutions as the main request).

The campaign did not start working for a long time, as there was little traffic for these requests. About 1.5 months later, when our client’s brand awareness increased, the first clicks on brand queries appeared.

🛠 Competitors is a campaign that uses competitors’ names as search queries. An important condition: the substitution of a keyword in the title is prohibited. Violation of this condition may result in complaints and lawsuits.

🛠 New Build – a campaign with shared keys for new roofs and their installation (Auckland roofing, roofing contractors, etc.).

🛠 Re-Roofing – advertising campaign with keys to replace the roof (Re-Roofing, roof replacement, etc.).


We used banner GDN remarketing, divided into the following groups:

  1. General (for all visitors with a return to the main page).
  2. Remarketing to those who visited the corresponding page, with a return to it: Commercial, New Build, Products.

If a visitor was previously interested in this or that service (or products) of our client, we show him a banner corresponding to his interests.

Google Ads


To increase the click-through rate of ads, we used the following extensions:

  • Phone number.
  • Quick links (for a free consultation, as well as for such advantages as: more than 30 years of experience, high quality work, reasonable prices, a wide range of products, individual solutions).
  • Clarifications (affordable prices, friendly service, free consultation, high quality work, wide range of services, owned and operated by New Zealanders, 30 years of experience, customized solutions).
  • Promotion: 100 % discount on consultation.
  • Structured snippet.
Google Ads
Google Ads


From the start, we were not chasing the number of leads but focused on their quality. For this, it was important not only to set up campaigns correctly but also to correctly approach bidding.

The following strategy was applied:

  • We manually set bids at the group level.
  • About a week later, when the necessary statistics were collected, we set bids at the level of each keyword + 15%.
  • We tracked the effectiveness of the keys , made adjustments for keywords and negative keywords.
  • When we managed to reduce the cost of conversion, we switched to the smart Target CPA strategy.

Previously, the following actions were chosen as conversions:

  • Click on e-mail or copy e-mail.
  • Fill out and submit a form on the site.
  • Call through the site.
  • Call via a search snippet, without visiting the site

The first two types of conversions were tracked through Google Tag Manager, which imported the data into Google Analytics. Calls were recorded by call tracking, which directly transmitted data to Google Analytics. Then all the conversions collected in Analytics were imported into Google Ads.

Google Ads


In the process of work, we moved away from the starting budget of 5000 NZD $, initially increasing it to 8000 NZD, and then, unfortunately, significantly reduced it due to the fact that the client received a large number of contracts for 2 months in advance 💪. Now (February 2021), we are working on a 1000 NZD budget while our client is looking for and training new employees to expand the business.

The dynamics of conversions and their cost is as follows:

  • From November 5 to December 5, received 32 conversions with an average value of $ 102 NZD.
  • From December 5 to January 5, received 35 conversions of $ 87 NZD $ each.
  • From January 5th to February 5th, the number of conversions increased to 48, and their price dropped to 82 NZD $.

The following campaigns turned out to be the most effective:

  • Re-Roofing generated 55 conversions at an average of NZD $ 69.51.
  • New Build (installing new roofs) with 55 conversions at NZD $ 107.66.
  • Commercial (services for commercial buildings) with 2 conversions of 65.25 NZD $.


For the first time in a long time, CRS has completely filled their schedule with signed contracts for 2 months in advance 📈. Thus, collaboration and efficiently configured contextual advertising brought high-quality leads, which grew into orders and completely loaded the client with work. Having done its job, advertising temporarily faded into the background. And the first place for the company was the task of fulfilling orders and expanding the staff of specialists 👷🏻.

Work on the project continues. Currently, advertising costs are minimized, and the customer is busy training new staff and successfully providing services. In March-April 2021 we plan to launch with new advertising budgets of 8,000 – 10 & nbsp; 000 NZD per month.

UPD: In early March 2021 we launched with a budget of 5000 NZD per month.

Google Ads

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