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Auckland-based Freightplus is shipping New Zealand 🚚. The company has its own vehicle fleet, storage facilities and professional management. All this allows us to provide a wide range of services from day-to-day delivery to the transportation of oversized cargo. The company has something to attract customers, and to increase their number, contextual advertising was chosen. After setting up Google Ads myself, the number of orders increased slightly. However, realizing the potential of contextual advertising and wanting to increase its effectiveness, Freightplus turned to us.

Initial data

Project process:

In July 2020, we started communicating with Freightplus. It turned out that the client was running ads from November 2019 to the end of June 2020. During this time, 15432 NZD $ was spent, 133 conversions were received with an average cost of 116 NZD $. We had to completely reconfigure our advertising campaigns. And in order to understand the specifics of the business and the client’s expectations from advertising, we started by sending a brief. Having received the necessary information, we worked out the structure of the campaigns and launched advertising on August 1. 📍 The cities and regions of New Zealand where the client has a license and, accordingly, between which Freightplus carries out cargo transportation, were indicated as GEOs.


We were required to set up contextual advertising that would be more beneficial for the client than the one he had. And, accordingly, get more conversions for a lower price. To do this, we set the following tasks:

  • Configure search advertising in Google Ads with updated structure.
  • Set up search and banner remarketing to return leads who visited the site, but did not take the targeted action.

The original advertising budget was NZD $ 2,000 per month.

Google Ads

What decisions did you make

One of the indicators that affects the cost of advertising – CTR – at the time of the start of cooperation was 7.48%. To increase it, we made the following decisions:

  • Use dynamic search ads with all available extensions. So we increased the snippet, increasing the percentage of transitions to the site, and also increased the information content of the ads.
  • Use the intelligent Target CPA strategy in order to customize Google Ads and serve ads to users more interested in ordering services from our client using machine learning technologies.
  • Bulk Transport;
  • Courier;
  • Freight Companies;
  • Generics ( General Inquiries);
  • Transport Company;
  • Trucking Companies.
  • Auction;
  • Auction – Competitors;
  • Large Items;
  • Large Parcel;
  • Oversize Freight.
  • Auction;
  • Brand;
  • Bulk Transport;
  • Companies );
  • Competitors;
  • Generics;
  • Large;
  • Location (Geo -queries for transportation from one city to another. The same keywords, but in more precise match types, are used for other search campaigns and groups);
  • Transport Company.
Google Ads

To make the ads even more relevant and increase the search snippet, we used the following extensions:

  • Quick links: price list, delivery on the same day of order, request for a free quote, contact support.
  • Phone number.
  • Clarifications: “Own warehouse” , “Easy Pricing”, “Same Day Delivery”, “Professional Team”, “Online Ordering”, “Shipping All Over New Zealand”, “In-House Support”, “High Quality”.
  • Promotions: 100% free consultation.
  • Structured snippet.
Google Ads

Advertising strategy

We applied our corporate strategy to work:

  • We set bids manually to give Google Ads time to calculate the cost of the top search results.
  • We set bids for the 2nd position.
  • Within 3 weeks we received sufficient statistics by conversions, and switched to the smart Target CPA strategy.

We have preset the following target actions as conversions:

  • Clicking on the e-mail or copying it;
  • Filling out the form on the site;
  • Call via call tracking (fake number on the site);
  • Calls from a search ad without going to the site.
Google Ads


Today, work on the project continues. CTR increased from 7.48% to 14.81%. Total expenses for 3 months were 15724 NZD $, bringing in 1061 conversions with an average cost of 14.81 NZD $. Thus, we managed to reduce the cost of conversion by 8 times 🏆.

Campaign data:

  • Competitors: 468 conversions at 15.19 NZD $;
  • Freight: 449 conversions at 15.19 NZD $;
  • Large Items (Bulky Cargo) 48 conversions at NZD $ 13.78;
  • Brand: 58 conversions at NZD $ 2.63;
  • Search Remarketing: 38 conversions at NZD $ 17.21.

The client was satisfied with the first results, and the advertising budget was increased from 2000 NZ D $ to 5000 NZD $ per month. And subsequently up to 12,000 NZD $ per month.

The plans include configuring GDN campaigns and Smart GDNs that can be launched after sufficient conversion and audience data has been collected.

Seeing the effectiveness of advertising, the client is ready to increase the budget and expand the campaign. But before moving on to the next stage, we consider different options for development: expanding search queries, expanding GEO, increasing the conversion price for a significant jump in conversions, or their gradual growth without increasing the cost.


Working on the Freightplus project proves once again that it is more profitable to trust contextual advertising to professionals. Since we work in the customer’s advertising account, he sees real data about campaigns, and can evaluate their benefits and their savings in comparison with the previous settings. ☝ But even with positive dynamics, it is especially important to make the right decisions in order not to drain the advertising budget. Therefore, we are not in a hurry with decisions regarding ad expansion, but rather closely monitor the effectiveness of the current settings.

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