Serious mistakes in SMM promotion

SMM promotion is a whole range of works for a large Internet audience to see your posts and you could get new clients. And in this area, there are a number of unspoken taboos – mistakes that are highly discouraged when promoting.

Our tips will be relevant not only for commercial accounts; those who maintain a personal blog should also listen to them in order to avoid the following problems.

First error

❌ There is no information in the description of the Instagram profile, or the information is indistinct and not structured. If you only work in one specific city, first of all, you should specify it. The type of your activity and the list of services must be indicated, as well as the buttons to contact you “call” or “write” must work, otherwise, all your promotions will simply be in vain.

Second error

❌ The use of a huge number of # ️⃣ hashtags in posts that are not relevant to your post and the image in it. Many SMM specialists and bloggers sin by putting 20-30 hashtags on a variety of topics in order to attract more subscribers. Now Instagram has a new function of subscribing to certain hashtags that may be of interest to a certain person. So when a person for a given hashtag sees a post that is clearly off-topic, most often he just complains about this post, or the angry one walks by. Therefore, use only those hashtags that fully reflect your post or show your location and no more.

Third error

❌ Place # ️⃣ hashtags in large text. When an already large text is replete with hashtags, and under the post they also go in one big block, this greatly distracts from the essence of your text and the message inherent in it. If you know in advance that a big post is planned under the photo on Instagram, put all the hashtags in the first comment on your post, so your post will be visible to a large number of subscribers, and the text itself will not be cluttered.

Fourth error

❌Publish a photo 🏞️ without any text. Many beauty professionals like to publish their work “naked”, without a signature, just a photo. An ordinary user, having seen such a post, clearly does not understand what the person wanted to say with this photo and will pass by. From this, the meaning of the post is automatically devalued. Even if you have nothing to say, keep this rule in mind: ❗ A post should have an average of five to eight sentences. And before publishing a photo, think carefully about its description. The trend is now towards a sensible reading of interesting content. People like to learn new things in the high-speed mode of Instagram and need to use it!

Fifth error

❌ The messy publication of a large number of photos. Take a furniture showroom as an example. Suppose their SMM manager posts up to 10 photos a day, and the subscribers of the account have tables, chairs, sofas, and almost nothing else in their feed every now and then. Any normal person will hasten to unsubscribe from such spam content, even if the furniture in this salon is more than decent. And here, remember one more rule: in order for the account to stay afloat and the audience was riveted to it, it is enough to make one post a day and that’s it. And the content will be of high quality, and you will not spam the feed to your subscribers. By the way, the number of publications in your account should not exceed the number of your subscribers and subscriptions, otherwise, it will look artificial and as if everything that you post, you are doing only for yourself. But this is not so, agree? 😉

Sixth error

❌Publish collages in monstrous multi-colored frames. When a person wants to show all the “product” with his face and fit all the best into one publication, having blinded it into one collage, it looks very unprofessional and clumsy. To solve the problem of a large number of photos that need to be published in one post lies on the surface – use the Instagram “carousel” and upload whole photos, without collages and creepy frames for them, and it will look decent.

Seventh error

❌When brands, salons, and other commercial accounts use pictures from the Internet. And then the same picture is found in various accounts. The worst thing is when there is a large amount of text on the Internet picture. As a rule, such banners are made on the knee by people who are very far from design. Use your own photos or hire a photographer. This will make your profile look organic and unique.

Eighth error

❌ Make advertising banners yourself. As a rule, owners of commercial accounts use mobile applications to announce a promotion. And of course, they never heard what a color wheel is when it is appropriate to use this or that font. If you really need a banner ad, delegate this work to a professional designer so that your banner always looks stylish and tasteful.

Today we have sorted out the main and very important mistakes in SMM promotion, and we hope that this article was useful to you as much as possible. And if your company needs SMM promotion, contact a team of professionals – the Internet marketing agency Web-Sci.

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