Secret apps for comfortable work on Instagram

There is probably not a single person in the world who does not know what social networks are. Around the globe, the number of bloggers exceeds all possible limits. And you, for sure, have posted a post about your important event on Instagram more than once. Or maybe you are a blogger? Then our selection is just for you!

Today we will discuss the top applications that will help in working with social networks and will be useful for both ordinary people and professional bloggers and SMM specialists .

Working with text / layout

We have all come across more than once the fact that when posting a post on Instagram, the text seems to clump together, paragraphs merge, and your created lists are mixed and published as a result in an unsightly form. When it comes to maintaining a commercial account, such oversights are unacceptable.

For such cases, a very simple but very effective application was developed “Space”.

In this program, you can neatly arrange your text, setlists, set the necessary paragraphs and their correct division. To post the result to Instagram, you just need to copy your text to the clipboard directly in the “Space” application, and then paste it in place of the post on Instagram. This free application will also help you in the selection of hashtags for the keywords that it finds in your text. Hashtags can be placed right in the app. Also, “Space” will count the number of characters in your text and tell you how to fit it into a standard Instagram post. “Space” is an irreplaceable assistant for bloggers, SMM specialists, and ordinary users.

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Working with visual content

If you run a commercial account and you need to create a visual feed of publications in advance, you cannot do without programs from our selection:

Content Office is a free application where you can schedule future posts and see how your feed will look like. The recommended number of scheduled publications is 9, but you can make as many as you want. In this free program for a picture, you can schedule text and hashtags, and after publication, track likes and comments on your post. If you only need a visual picture without posts in the feed, just create a certain set of pictures in the Content Office and then post in the specified order, but already on Instagram.

Another very handy visual content creation program is In preview. Here you can also choose pictures in the key you need: by color scheme or by topics of future posts, and plan visual content for 9 publications in advance. The resulting collages are very convenient to save, and, for example, to coordinate the future tape with the customer. In this program, you can also work on several accounts at the same time and create a feed for several clients at once. An additional set of functions in this program is already paid, but in our experience, we can say that a free account is quite enough to cope with the tasks of creating visual content.

Grids – this program will help a lot if you need to split one large banner into 3, 6, or 9 photos in order to publish each one separately on Instagram. You’ve probably seen such feed-in commercial accounts. Such posts are made in order to draw attention to some important action, and also to create an account in an interesting way. If you need to split one banner into several, use Grids. In the same program, you can schedule the sequence of photo publications so that the feed looks harmonious.

Photo enhancement

Kirakira is an application that will make even a black cloud shine. Adds sparkle and glow to any item, but especially loves jewelry and costume jewelry. Works in both photo and video mode. Very nice application for a small fee.

Photo lab is an application that will replace the background on your photo and make it beautiful. A very relevant program for both commercial and personal accounts.

Lightroom – Photoshop for the phone. Works with various “presets”, thanks to which you can simply fantastically beautifully edit your photos. “Presets” can be downloaded on the Internet or purchased from bloggers. The main feature of the “presets” is that they are aimed at enhancing the color during photo processing. That is if everything is faded in your photo, but there is red, pink, or another color, you can make it a key bright spot in the photo, and it will look very organic. “Presets” will also add depth, clarity, and harmony to your photo. But plus Lightroom also lies in the fact that without any “presets” you can also beautifully process photos, adjust color, light, composition. A very cool free app!

So, we’ve covered some really useful Instagram apps that can be easily applied to other social networks as well!

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