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How to prepare for advertising on Twitter

How to prepare for advertising on Twitter

Using Twitter to promote your business is an attractive idea in itself, given the social network’s multi-million audience. This year, Twitter turned 15 years old, its audience continues to grow by an average of 56 million users a year, and marketers are sure about its advertising opportunities. Twitter advertising is promising, effective, and definitely not as simple as it seems. We’ll go over some f the difficulties, pitfalls, and proper preparation for advertising below.

Rules and Limits

Twitter takes its reputation seriously, and therefore carefully reviews ad accounts and compliance with the Twitter Ads policy.

Important things to Consider:

  • A completely new account is not suitable for launching ads. When reviewing an account, moderators take into account general profile information, posted content, past advertising campaigns, and how the account has interacted with the social network throughout its existence.
  • The advertiser account must be open and active with public tweets.
  • Before submitting an account for verification, it’s important to make sure that it has its name and biography filled in. Profile and cover images are also required.
  • The URL must match the one used in the ad.
  • Suspended or deactivated accounts are not allowed to advertise.
  • A separate set of requirements applies to URLs that are used in advertising. The specified URL must not lead to a broken page, create pop-up windows, or open content in a separate program.
  • As for content and promoted products, in addition to general restrictions, there are others that relate to individual countries and regions.

We have mentioned only some, in our opinion, of the system’s basic requirements. For more information on the advertising terms and conditions, please visit the Twitter Ads policy page. After preparing your account, you can go on to create ads.

How to prepare for advertising on Twitter

How is the ad account set up?

Twitter has a simple and recognizable ad account structure that has three levels: campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Before making creatives, it’s important to pick a goal, set a budget, set a bidding method, and select audience options.

How to prepare for advertising on Twitter

After ads have been made, they are sent for moderation, which lasts about 24 hours. We go into more detail about the Twitter advertising account and the setup is described step by step in our article*.

Twitter Audiences by the Numbers

Twitter brings together more than 330 million accounts, which are completely different and unique. However, there are patterns that will help you see an audience more clearly and understand how to work with it. So, the bulk of users are residents of the United States and Japan. The United Kingdom is in third place. At the same time, Twitter is the most popular social network in Japan.

How to prepare for advertising on Twitter

Twitter audiences at a glance:

  • 70% of users are men and 30% are women.
  • The network is most popular with people aged 25-34.
  • 59% of users come to the site for news.

On average, one user has 707 followers.

How to prepare for advertising on Twitter

Advertising Stats:

  • 82% of B2B marketers use Twitter for content marketing.
  • The video ad format is the most popular among advertisers and the most accepted by users. This type of advertising is cheaper, and the number of video views from 2019 to 2020 grew by 62%.
  • 5.8% of the world’s population over the age of 13 has experienced ads on Twitter.

Interesting, difficult, but effective – this is how you can quickly sum up advertising on Twitter. It requires attention, preparation, and careful data analysis. But this is a network that is definitely worth a try if you want to promote your brand, product, or service.

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