At what point do SMM promotion on Instagram end and self-growth of the profile begins?

Social media promotion – daily work … Today we will analyze the question when it ends and the net profit begins and is it even possible 🤔?

Instagram is a daily workflow whose algorithms change regularly.

Previously, posts in the Instagram feed were displayed in order, now posts are no longer displayed according to the principles of novelty and time. Now you see posts in your feed that could potentially be of interest to you, based on the likes ❤️ that you posted before.

Also, with great success, your feed will display the most popular posts by likes ❤️ and views from users, even though the number of likes on your and any other page is practically invisible to strangers and only the account owner knows their real number.

Thanks to the new Instagram algorithms and the emergence of a “smart feed”, SMM specialists, companies, and bloggers from all over the world now have to work in a completely different way, because of the convenient social network algorithm, which was before, is irrevocably outdated.

In connection with all of the above, we will immediately answer the question: is it possible at a certain moment to stop working on an account and rake money with a shovel 🤔? No. Due to changes in Instagram policy, stopping to work with content and promotion is equal to the death of an account. Here’s why:

  1. The less often you publish posts, the fewer people will see them from time to time,
  2. The number of subscribers on your Instagram page cannot be the same all the time, even if you suddenly stopped posting and promotion, the number of subscriptions is either steadily increasing or steadily decreasing,
  3. ⚠️the largest percentage of unsubscriptions occurs precisely because of the lack of a publication schedule and the supply of regular high-quality content,
  4. ⚠️as only your account starts to lose subscribers, your new posts will be shown to the most limited circle of people, and after just one month of stagnation, cherished likes and views, you can not wait at all.
Instagram promotion

What do professionals and common users do?

Many large bloggers went to extreme measures in pursuit of coverage and began to ❎ publish posts many times more, having greatly lost the quality of content. Those who are more intelligent decided that it is better not quantity, but quality and began to launch targeted advertising on their posts in order to regain coverage under the new Instagram laws. Bloggers with millionaires ❎ went to extreme measures, turning their blog into one continuous hype, constantly provoking those around them, subscribers, and even their household members. This is how not to do it.

When it comes to maintaining a commercial account, immediately tune in to the fact that this is a very long-distance race, and to stop work both in a small blog and in a promoted account is just a crime and drain all your work into nowhere. You need to constantly promote your profile.

What is a smart feed and how can you make friends with it?

Suppose you run your page and publish a post, with a “smart feed” Instagram looks at the activity on your published post, and if there were likes, comments, and saves, your next post will be shown to a wider audience and even to those who are on you not subscribed, your post can be shown by hashtag.

✅ “Smart Feed” does not accept “garbage content”, in which the posting is carried out without selecting high-quality photos, texts, geolocations, and hashtags. As soon as the “smart tape” detects such “garbage”, the coverage at the profile will go down sharply, and it is oh so difficult to return them.

✅ Smart Feed is very fond of targeted advertising because the social network makes money on it, so if you are faced with the task of reaching as many people as possible, be sure to test various advertising campaign targets.

✅ “Smart Feed” very quickly filters out if your account has really high-quality content and coverage with regular posting can grow significantly even without targeting.

Summing up, we note once again that as there is no limit to perfection, there is no such thing as “stop SMM promotion”. As soon as the development of a commercial blog stops, both the flow of customers and impressions on the Instagram feed stop and coverage fall.

If your task is to develop your account, start making a profit from it, and you need competent SMM promotion, contact the team of professionals – internet marketing agency Web-Sci.

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