4 mistakes that prevent Facebook Ads campaigns from working properly

Facebook Ads Setting

The average growth of Facebook and Instagram audience is about 10% of users per year. Social networks are becoming more convenient for communicating, searching for information, and doing business. In this regard, not only interfaces and functions are being improved, but advertising tools are also being updated. If until recently it was enough to click the “promote the publication” button, today you need to approach advertising carefully and prepared.

Effectively set up targeted advertising in your account Facebook Ads. And in order for everything to go according to plan, we will tell you about the most common mistakes that you should read once and never make.

Error 1. Wrong photo order in the carousel

The format of the carousel is convenient because the product can be demonstrated from different sides, and the service can be provided in a logical sequence. Storytelling, the sequence of purchase steps, listing the USP of the product – scenarios for presenting information may be different. And you can check the box next to the item “Automatically show the most productive cards first”. If it is set, the system displays creatives in order of decreasing effectiveness. It is worth saying that the checkbox is on by default. Therefore, if you want to set the order of the cards yourself, you must uncheck the box.

Facebook Ads setup

Mistake 2. Incorrect budget optimization

If a campaign is being configured for a specific sale or promotion, it is important for the advertiser to get the maximum conversions as soon as possible. This is usually done using the “Fast budget allocation” setting. It makes it possible to simultaneously participate in a large number of auctions. The main mistake that many people make is using a budget for the entire period instead of a daily budget allocation.

By choosing a budget for the entire term, you will limit the self-learning opportunities of the campaign. In this case, there is a risk of getting fewer conversions, which means that the cost of KPIs will increase.

Facebook budget optimization

Correct setting options: daily budget plus fast track or full-time budget plus regular impressions.

Error 3. Invalid campaign target

What to choose as a target? Traffic, conversions, sales? Setting a goal is the first step in setting up a new campaign. But choosing it is important taking into account the sales funnel.

For example, you sell real estate or cars. Choosing conversions or sales as your goal is the wrong way to go. The decision-making process in these areas is long and multi-stage. It is important to lead the customer to the purchase gradually. For starters, you can launch a brand awareness campaign or drive traffic to introduce the product, show the potential benefits, and, of course, give time to think. Then you can already launch a campaign with the purpose of “lead generation” to get customer contacts. And only after talking with the manager, weighing all the pros and cons, the person will be ready to make a purchase.

If you are advertising a product with a short decision-making period (clothes, toys, small household appliances, etc.), you can immediately set the Sales goal. At the same time, it is important to work out ad creatives that will induce a purchase.

Facebook advertising campaign goals

Mistake 4. Audience crossing

Here’s an example. Let’s say you run a general audience campaign targeting Australian residents aged 18-25 and an interest-based campaign that targets those same audiences. In this case, users from the second campaign will see your ads twice. As a result, you will pay twice for showing ads to one user. The same thing happens with remarketing campaigns, where users who made a purchase are not excluded from the remarketing list.

Most often, audience overlap occurs when campaigns are launched simultaneously to a wide audience and look-alike, interests and look-alike, retargeting and look-alike, or any other combination of the listed campaigns.

In the case of similar geotargeting campaigns, it is important to exclude one audience from another.

You can check the percentage of overlap by selecting multiple audiences and clicking the Show Audience Overlap option. Intersections up to 10% are considered acceptable.

Intersection of audiences on Facebook Ads


It is easier to eliminate errors right away than to eliminate their consequences. So when setting up your campaign, go through this list again:

  1. If carousel consistency is important, uncheck the box next to Automatically show top performing cards first.
  2. If you’re using a fast-track budget, use a daily budget.
  3. Before setting your campaign goal, develop your sales funnel.
  4. Check for audience overlaps.

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