Who we are
Agency Web-Sci is a young, dynamically developing, independent Internet agency, founded in 2012. Web-Sci specializes in Digital Marketing and adheres to a Performance Marketing, a results-based marketing approach.
What we do
We develop strategies for effective promotion on the Internet, optimize advertising campaigns, measure their efficiency, provide results in terms of targets and always strive to exceed them. We do not earn on traffic and clicks, we achieve specific goals that you set (growth in turnover, profits, ROI, etc.).
Why we
All Web Sci specialists who have passed the trial period are certified by Yandex.Direct and Google Ads. Web-Sci has proven competence and exclusive work experience. In order to earn our customers' trust, we work openly and transparently providing our clients with an access to advertising management systems and measuring performance. Contact us today, and we will develop a free contextual advertising plan for you and give recommendations on tracking its effectiveness.
How we work
  • Immersion in the business of the customer
  • The deepest collection of search queries
  • Determination of the main indicators necessary to achieve advertising effectiveness
  • Analysis based on data, ongoing development, and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • We carry out A / B testing (several ads for 1 key phrase)
  • We use all types of ad extensions (additional links, specifications, prices, addresses, phone numbers, reviews)
  • Setting UTM tags to track the performance of EACH search query
  • We lead a client to the target block. The client asks prices? Show them to him
  • We divide campaigns for display in Search and GDN (YAN)
  • We create and test images for display on GDN (YAN)
  • We divide advertising campaigns according to the client’s GEO
  • We use ads in such a way as to remove non-target visitors
  • Analysis with the use of end-to-end analytics, tracking of contacts of the target client and profitability of investments
  • 24/7 bid tracking and bid adjustments to hold ad positions
  • Progress reports, achievement of results and KPI

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